How to Make It Happen

Top Tips for the Ultimate Adventure

April 30, 2019

Life comes with many gifts, and one of them is adventure. It’s something that you can do with nothing but courage and your imagination. If you happen to be a student, then you may be looking for some adventure in between long nights in the library [...]

Simple Ways to Make Long-Haul Flights Less Stressful

April 30, 2019

For some students, flying is an uncomfortable and stressful experience, so traveling on a long-haul flight can be even more unbearable. While some people have a phobia of flying, others just don’t like the experience of being crammed into a small [...]

The Benefits Of Traveling

April 24, 2019

If you’re not someone who currently enjoys traveling you may rethink your position after reviewing the following benefits it has to offer. There are so many great reasons to leave your house and city once in a while and get out and explore new [...]

How to Plan for Your First Job

April 18, 2019

When you’re fresh out of college getting your first job can be a huge milestone. It’s a significant turning point in your life, and you want to make the best impression as well as ensure you’re heading in the right direction. One wrong move in [...]

7 Top Math and Science Museums in the United States

April 18, 2019

It has been said that the foundation for a strong, stable, and successful society revolves around its understanding of science and math. Since mankind first emerged from the jungles, civilization has largely been made possible due to an empirical [...]

How to Survive Your College Ski Trip

April 11, 2019

If you’re ready for fun on the slopes through the day followed by drink fueled nights with your college friends, then you need to go on a ski trip before you graduate. Here is everything you need to consider to have a great time. Preparing for [...]

How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget

April 11, 2019

On average, people spend around $1,200 per person on vacations annually. But if you’re a student working with a tight budget, that isn’t an always an option. You’re in the right place. The key word here is plan. To know how to [...]

7 Steps to Get You Ready to Study Abroad

April 8, 2019

Studying abroad can be a very daunting and overwhelming thing to do, and whether you are moving for work or for study, you may not know how to properly prepare your life ready for the big move. Relocating to a new area, especially in a different [...]

A Student’s Guide to Attending Women’s March 2019

March 7, 2019

Five million people around the world attended a Women’s March in 2016. Three years later, the movement is only getting stronger and encouraging young women to show up and let their voices be heard once again. The Women’s March is a great [...]

An Easy Guide to Visiting New York

February 8, 2019

There is something for everyone in New York, which is why it is often regarded as one of the greatest destinations on the planet by many. If you want to enjoy the finest restaurants, stores, museums, bars, or activities, you won’t be disappointed [...]

Preparation Tips for Your Next Group Travel Adventure

January 16, 2019

As a student, you have many exciting opportunities that await you including the option to take a group trip someplace out of the ordinary. It’s important that you’re fully prepared for the experience you’re about to have and feel comfortable [...]

5 Ways to Unwind When You’re Away at College

November 23, 2018

Being a student can be rather stressful at times. It might seem like it’s a fun time in your life when you’re looking forward. However, when the time arrives, and you finally leave home to start college you appreciate how incredibly stressed [...]

The Student’s Guide to Finding the Best Travel Deals

October 31, 2018

Traveling when you are a student is practically a right of passage. The benefits of travel are numerous, but unless you have your tuition paid for and a part-time job to take care of everything else, it can seem out of reach. Thankfully, nearly [...]

6 Things to Consider for Your U.S. Road Trip

October 12, 2018

Most high school and college age students travelers have probably dreamt about heading off on an epic Great American Road Trip, as the United States offers such a diverse landscape and culture. Yet few people actually jump into a car and make their [...]

Planning a Bus Tour of Southern California’s Colleges

October 4, 2018

There’s no better way to get a feel for the college experience than a campus tour. Take a break from the epic amounts of application paperwork and get out and explore campuses! Sunny Southern California boasts dozens of top-notch universities and [...]
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