How to Make It Happen

New App Captures and Shares Your Group’s Memories

March 4, 2014

David Martinson, president and CEO of PhotoVision Inc., comes from a long line of photographers, starting with his grandfather, who took slides. Nowadays, of course, pictures are taken in a totally different way. “Today, people take 500 pictures [...]

Tips for School Trip Planning – Six to Nine Months Prior

February 7, 2014

You’ve made the decision to sponsor a trip for your students and the initial work has been done. You have your destination, dates, price and early promotional material in place. You should also have a few early sign-ups by this point. Like a game [...]

How to Establish a Student Trip Planning Timeline

December 30, 2013

As a teacher, parent or school administrator, when planning a student group trip it’s important to know what needs to happen when. From an outsider’s perspective it may seem that these trips come together in a relatively short period of time, [...]

Why School Field Trips Are Important

October 31, 2013

Ah, the school field trip. Long a staple of the public education system, for decades children have been piling on buses to visit local museums, zoos and cultural attractions. However, as school districts wrestle with budget deficits and heftier [...]

How to Choose Your Next Student Travel Destination

October 21, 2013

Escape from reality for just one minute. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? We polled our InSite e-newsletter subscribers and answers were as diverse as the personalities in the teaching profession – internationally from [...]

School Trips Positively Impact Future Education/Earnings

October 15, 2013

School administrators debating on whether to approve school-sponsored trips should take heed at a new study that draws a correlation between student travel and career advancement. Among the more interesting findings was that nearly 60% of adults who [...]

Best Times to Travel with Your Students

October 8, 2013

As a teacher, parent or school administrator, it’s important to understand the effects of seasonality in planning your student group trips. Airfares, hotel rates and even bus prices will vary greatly during the year and in this day and age when [...]

Tour Operators and You

August 28, 2013

Some companies specialize in educational travel; a few arrange performance-group trips only. They plan every detail, from flights and meals to hotel rooming lists and late-night pizza parties. Finding a Good Student Tour Operator It’s simple to [...]

How to Capitalize on the Post-Trip Excitement

August 28, 2013

After-the-trip activities can include: Creating an online web page of tour pictures and participant comments, linked to the school website School bulletin boards featuring trip pictures A school-wide assembly focused on the tour Articles [...]

Global Trends in Foreign Language Demand and Proficiency

August 14, 2013

This desire has resulted in a total of 2 million language travel students in the world today, a figure expected to increase to 2.5 million by 2020. The language learning market is changing at rapid pace due to the globalization of the economy and [...]

11 Tips for Tapping into Fundraising Success

August 14, 2013

Here are 11 top tips that’ll ensure you rock your fundraising efforts and quickly get to where you want to go: 1. Be an Early Bird Everyone is guilty of procrastination at some point or another, but when it comes to fundraising, leaving things to [...]

Hotel Booking How To’s

August 14, 2013

Anyone who’s ever been involved in organizing a student trip knows that these adventures don’t just happen—they take hours and hours of planning. Keeping up with all the details can be overwhelming. Since hotels make up a disproportionately [...]

Student Travel Security

August 14, 2013

The student travel sector has grown exponentially over the past decade, with millions of middle school and high school students traveling to hundreds of destinations in the United States and throughout the world. The focus on security has [...]

Tech Tools for Easy Travel

August 14, 2013

Although I doubt you are still doing your trip research with books in the library and organizing everything using pencil and paper, everyone has a different level of awareness regarding the technological options available for pre-trip planning and [...]

Playing the Airfare Game

August 14, 2013

You’re part of a school group or volunteer group that has decided the destination of its next trip. It’s to somewhere exciting, a place you’ve always hoped to go, and for better or worse, you need to fly there. Where to turn, what to do? The [...]

Re-defining Adventure Travel for the Student Group Market

August 14, 2013

To someone else, it means active exploration, cultural immersion, embracing the unexpected, escaping the well-trodden path and creating true, lifelong connections with people and places. Adventure travel is not synonymous with physical activity; it [...]
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