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Top 8 Student-Friendly Atlanta Attractions

April 2, 2019

Figuring out what to see finding cost-friendly attractions for a school trip can be difficult. Atlanta has a multitude of free attractions for you to choose from, and there is something for every interest. Check out Atlanta’s top free attractions [...]

Five Weird and Wonderful American Museums

April 3, 2018

For every traveler who loves museums, there is at least one who says “Again? We went to a museum last year!  They’re all the same!” No, my friend.  These museums are anything but more of the same. 5 Awesomely Odd Museums You Need to Visit [...]

The 11 Best Student Travel Apps of 2017

June 6, 2017

When was the last time you saw a student without a smartphone?  Students, teachers, chaperones and others involved in student travel are all attached to their devices.  Even if their travels take them beyond the U.S. border, smartphones are top [...]

Seven NYC Choral Venues That Hit the Right Notes

November 1, 2016

While the best part of a choir’s time might be spent behind the scenes, learning new songs and practicing their art, there’s no doubt that the most exciting bits are when they are onstage.  And few things bring more excitement to a traveling [...]

2016’s Top 10 Spring Break Destinations

February 23, 2016

Emerging Spring Break destinations are increasing in popularity, however perennial spring break favorites still remain hotspots for students and their parents over the holiday according to a recent study by Orbitz. For 2016, the state of Florida [...]

A Trip for the Books

December 1, 2015

Everyone remembers “that one book” they read back in school – the one that they won’t ever forget, even years later. Sometimes it’s not so easy for educators to ensure such an impression, but today there are new ways to make literature [...]

Unique Field Trip Destinations in the US

November 3, 2015

Field trips are a bright spot for students and teachers alike. Students get to take a break from their normal studies, and teachers are able to find new ways of educating their pupils. But not all field trips are created equal – every year [...]

Home Free in Philadelphia

October 29, 2015

Bursting with historical, literary and political attractions, Philadelphia proudly tops the list of cities where students can enjoy themselves and do some hands-on learning at the same time. You and your students can experience many of the city’s [...]

Top Free Things to do in Minneapolis

October 21, 2015

Serving as one-half of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis is one of the largest cities in the Midwest. Located on both banks of the Mississippi River, this great city has much to explore – visitors will be drawn in by its abundance of art, music and [...]

The Most Haunted Historical Sites in America

October 21, 2015

Some places have more than meets the eye – like America’s historical sites where rumors of ghosts, demons and voodoo queens abound. For those who want to add a little something extra to their trip, check out these locations where history mixes [...]

7 Free Things to do in Charlotte, North Carolina

October 21, 2015

If you haven’t paid much attention to Charlotte, North Carolina yet, now is the time to look more closely. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, a place bursting with cultural attractions and a standout for people of all [...]

7 Free things to do in Jackson, Mississippi

October 21, 2015

As one of the great cities of the South, Jackson is the perfect destination for those seeking history, great food and a dose of pop culture. A place where the Native Americans flourished and the Civil War raged, every member of your group will find [...]

7 Free Things to Do in Austin

October 21, 2015

As the capital of Texas, the second most populous state in the country, Austin has so much to offer its visitors. Austin is known for its political history, natural landscapes and Southern hospitality. It is also billed as the “live music capital [...]

8 Free Things to do in Nashville

October 21, 2015

Music lovers everywhere will be right at home in Nashville – located in the heart of the country, the city is one of the music capitals of the world. Of course, this lively location has more to offer than just music – for those looking to [...]

8 Weird Things to do in Europe

October 15, 2015

Europe is a prime spot for any student. Typical tourist spots such as Westminster Abbey and the Eiffel Tower attract millions of visitors every year – but every traveler can speak to those wonders. For adventurers in search of a more unique trip, [...]

7 Free Things to Do in Miami

September 25, 2015

If you are planning a student trip to Miami and are looking for free entertainment, look no further. Here are some activities that will keep your group entertained at no cost. [...]

The Best Free Attractions in Boston

July 7, 2015

Call it what you will – Hub of the Universe, Cradle of Liberty, Athens of America or The City on a Hill – there’s no doubt that Boston has earned its spot as one of America’s best-known student travel destinations. When you’ve been around [...]
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