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9 Free Things to do in Dallas, Texas

June 30, 2015

Food, football, fairs – these are images conjured up by many when thinking about the great city of Dallas. In addition, it is home to a flourishing arts scene, many award-winning architectural designs and great outdoor natural spaces in the middle [...]

9 Free Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

June 30, 2015

Portland has become one of the country’s hot new destinations for both young and old, and there is certainly no shortage of entertainment for anyone, even those on a budget. This green city is lush and provides plenty to do outdoors, while also [...]

8 Illuminating Travel Experiences Around the World

June 3, 2015

Want a truly illuminating experience on your next trip? Look no further than these eight spectacular destinations that showcase light in unique ways and turn already extraordinary locales into something magical. From the natural and eerie glow of [...]

10 Free Things to Do in Washington, DC

May 28, 2015

Washington, DC is known for offering visitors plenty of free options. You may be surprised at just how many monuments, museums and other attractions are open to the public with absolutely no fee for admission! Whether you have one day or an entire [...]

7 Surreal Places across the United States

May 4, 2015

If you’re looking to make your next trip a bit more unique, you won’t be disappointed when you check out these surreal locations, perfect for exploring on your next adventure. Whether you want to hike around active volcanoes, race across salt [...]

Tour Massachusetts’ Most Beautiful Chapels

March 24, 2015

Massachusetts is dotted with over 100 colleges and universities, ranging from small liberal arts colleges to sprawling universities in the state’s capital of Boston. With their unique New England-style architecture, it’s no wonder that the [...]

3 Dangerous Places Worth Experiencing

March 2, 2015

Feeling up for a challenge and want to venture off the beaten path? Check out these great options for a new thrill on your next visit to Europe. While they might be called “dangerous,” simply taking the proper precautions means you can enjoy [...]

Sampling D.C.’s “Other” Museums

March 2, 2015

An “official” student tour of our Nation’s Capital has to include at least one Smithsonian museum. Standard itineraries feature the National Museum of American History, National Air and Space Museum and other great repositories on the National [...]

Favorite European Venues for Student Performance Groups

February 7, 2015

We asked Adele Youngs from Live Travel and Tours, a specialist in student performance groups for her top three performance places for student groups visiting Europe. “It’s difficult to narrow down as each group has its preferences” Adele [...]

The Top Ten Safari Parks in the U.S.

February 6, 2015

It’s easy to think of a safari park as a place where a bit of Africa or Asia has been conveniently dropped into your section of the United States. For the most part, this is true – a traditional wild animal park often does contain exotic animals [...]

Subterranean Splendor: 8 Top Caverns

January 2, 2015

But to a new, environmentally aware generation, these spectacular underground chambers are seen as precious natural wonders…literally buried treasures. For student travel groups, a cave tour is educational as well as just plain fun. Many caves, in [...]

Uncovering New York’s “Lost” Museums

November 18, 2014

Only in a city like New York could a museum that holds 1.5 million works be a secondary sight.  New York, as a thriving, pulsing, culturally rich place, has its fair share of museums and then some.  This attachment to history is only natural, [...]

Coastal Spain’s Historic Cities

November 7, 2014

Taking up the majority of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain isn’t short on coastline; combine the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and the country has about 3,000 miles of shoreline to enjoy.  Spain shares this peninsula with Portugal; tiny amounts are [...]

Texas’ Interactive Science Museums: Learn STEAM

October 22, 2014

Museums seem to have been made for field trips.  What better way to understand history than by seeing the actual artifacts or treading the actual pathways that these same people trod decades or centuries ago?  But when it comes to STEAM subjects [...]

Animal Sanctuaries Combine Education and Conservation

May 21, 2014

Visiting zoos can be a wonderful, engaging experience for kids and adults.  But there’s often mixed feelings about zoos for animal lovers, and it stems from the fact that, of necessity, the animal residents are kept in enclosures for much of [...]

Water Parks Remain a Top Attraction for Student Groups

February 7, 2014

In the sizzling summer heat, student groups can add water parks to their itinerary to cool their bodies down. Water slides and wave pools are not the only activities available because some water parks offer educational programs that allow students [...]
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