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A Dozen Top Living History Museums

February 4, 2014

Living history museums set the stage to delve into important historic times. Become a citizen in a pioneer town, make crafts, tour historical buildings and experience what it was like to be a student hundreds of years ago. Your students are sure to [...]

A Dozen Top Aquariums: More Than Just Fish

January 25, 2014

Offering students an in-depth educational experience, aquariums provide an up-close look at marine life and insight into animal preservation. But students will see more than fish—many aquariums are home to birds and mammals as well. Here is a [...]

See It Made: 10 Top Factory Tours

January 9, 2014

Of the thousands of factories in the U.S., a few stand out for their tours. Here are 10 winners: Ben and Jerry’s, Waterbury, Vermont Vermont is not only a place for gorgeous scenery, but also home of the Ben and Jerry’s factory. See how their [...]

10 Top Science Museums in the Midwest

January 8, 2014

With live demonstrations, theaters and interactive exhibits, students at any level will enjoy learning about all types of science. Each of these science museums has something unique to offer, so check them out and see what interests you! Student [...]

Learning While Dining: 10 Top Restaurants for Students

January 8, 2014

On any student group trip itinerary, you’re going to need to include at least one meal. Step out of the box meals and into an atmosphere that feeds not only students’ mouths but also their minds. Here are 10 top restaurants for [...]

View Our Top Student Group Adventure Pursuits for 2014

January 5, 2014

Whether your youth group contains adrenaline junkies, nature lovers or thrill seekers, the following sampling of adventure pursuits is sure to cover all the bases. From scuba diving to skiing, these activities are bound to keep students engaged and [...]

10 Top Theme Parks for Student Groups to Discover

December 1, 2013

Every student travel planner is aware of Disney World, Disneyland, Busch Gardens and Six Flags, but the U.S. abounds with other major theme parks worth a look. Though they offer a full day’s worth of fun and educational programs as well, these [...]

Top Patriotic Places

September 3, 2013

There are certain icons of freedom that every American should visit at least once in his or her lifetime. No matter how many times you’ve seen pictures of these shrines to our nation’s heroes and heritage, it’s a star-spangled thrill to [...]

10 Top Parades for Student Marching Bands

July 2, 2013

Disney Performing Arts OnStage Orlando, Florida Students can be a part of the Disney magic by performing on stage, marching in parades and participating in workshops at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida as a part of the Disney Performing Arts [...]

The Top 5 Music Cities in the US for Student Trips

June 10, 2013

One of the best ways to experience a city is through its musical heritage. But some cities are more musical than others. Five of America’s best-known music cities are Branson, Memphis Nashville, New Orleans and New York City. All offer cultural [...]

10 Top Music Museums for Student Groups

April 30, 2013

For a lesson in music appreciation, consider including a music museum in your next student group tour. From the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville to Meredith Willson’s Boyhood Home and Music Man Square in Mason City, Iowa, America abounds [...]

Toilets and Torture: A Departure from the Museum Norm

March 5, 2013

Bored with the normal museum scene? Have you had your fill of artful masterpieces, historical figures and aging aircraft? Then read on, because listed below are a few colorful and obscure museums from around the world, whose exhibits and attractions [...]

Top 10 Sports Halls of Fame in U.S.

January 23, 2013

Exceptional athletes are honored and immortalized in museums that showcase the history of the sport. Below are some of the nation’s best Halls of Fame for student groups to visit. Baseball: Cooperstown, New York Dedicated to honoring the players [...]

Field Trips Gone Wild: 10 Top Zoos for Student Groups

October 30, 2012

Take a walk on the wild side and visit one of the many zoos across the nation for your next school field trip. From first-hand animal encounters to archeological dinosaur digs, zoos have something in store for students of every age. Here are 10 top [...]

12 Student-Friendly Sightseeing Cruises

October 2, 2012

Every student enjoys an exciting field trip outdoors and what better way to do just that than from aboard a sightseeing cruise. Whether your group is learning about art and architecture, historical events such as the Boston Tea Party or plant and [...]

Top Student Music Festivals

July 11, 2012

Student music festivals bring together talented young people who want to display their talents and hone their skills. There are many of these events around the United States available to young music enthusiasts. Here is a sampling of student music [...]

Seven Top Student Travel Providers

June 6, 2012

When educators first get the inspiration to travel with their students, they usually turn to a tour operator that specializes in student travel. Whether it’s a short trip to the state capital or an international adventure, these organizations can [...]

Five Top Theater Destinations for Student Travel Groups

April 3, 2012

From Disney World to Dollywood, entertaining theater can be found throughout the U.S. But some cities and regions are especially known as theater hotspots. Whether your students are interested in magic, comedy or show tunes, this sampling of theater [...]
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