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13 Places to Stop on Your Field Trip to Nebraska

June 25, 2015

Imagine Nebraska in your head. Are you picturing endless rows of cornfields? Well, there’s much more to Nebraska than just corn and wide-open spaces. Did you know Kool-Aid originated here? See what else is unique about Nebraska. Take Your Group [...]

An Amusement Park for the Mind, Body and Imagination

October 2, 2014

Your student travel group will be able to spot a WonderWorks building when they see it. For a start, it’s upside down. According to the fanciful ‘legend’ on the website, each WonderWorks location originated as a top-secret research lab in the [...]

Travel through Spain in the Footsteps of Don Quixote

September 24, 2014

But what if there was a way teachers could change all that? They could make reading in Spanish fun while at the same time have the book come to life before their eyes. Taking your students on the route Don Quixote and his trusty squire, Sancho [...]

Five Top Theater Destinations for Student Travel Groups

April 3, 2012

From Disney World to Dollywood, entertaining theater can be found throughout the U.S. But some cities and regions are especially known as theater hotspots. Whether your students are interested in magic, comedy or show tunes, this sampling of theater [...]

A Dozen Top Museums for Student Travel Groups

March 29, 2012

When is the next time you will get the chance to tour a submarine or build your own robot? If a museum visit is part of your next student-group itinerary, it might be sooner than you think. The notion that museums are stuffy and boring has been [...]