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Know Your ABCs When Choosing a Tour Operator – What’s Inside:

Author Lisa S. Curtin has more than 20 years of experience operating tours for one of the world’s largest tour operators, BrightSpark Travel. She now consults to the tourism industry and speaks on topics related to tourism and business continuity planning.

  • Best Practices: 26 Critical tips for teachers and student travel planners on selecting the right tour operator and how best to manage the experience.
  • Further Resources: A collection of next steps to further aid your student travel planning.

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6 Unique Travel Program Fundraisers – What’s Inside:

Traveling as a student group is a life-changing experience that forges real-world connections to classroom learning, inspires independence, and gives teachers the opportunity to connect with students in a unique and important way. But we get it. Money talks. Making your travel program affordable to families in your community is an essential component of planning!

  • Unique, proven fundraising ideas collected from real teachers by the nation’s largest student travel organization.
  • Bonus: Find out how to download our full 19-page fundraising guide for free!

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