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10 Travel Tips for Students with Limited Budget

10 Travel Tips for Students with Limited Budget

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Do not let your financial ability hold you back from enjoying a holiday trip.

As a student, it can be challenging to balance between cost and traveling the world. There a lot to learn in a new environment, and thus you got to make your dreams a reality. Forget about fantasizing about the experience abroad, follow the tips below, and explore the world with a limited budget at hand.

Plan ahead

The success of a trip depends on how well preparations are made ahead of time. Though some have made it by the last minute, there are a lot of unnecessary costs incurred. Planning six months is advisable as it gives you time to save money and a chance to book affordable air tickets.

Create a budget

Even if the budget is limited, you need to know the exact amount you wish to spend on a particular trip. Try to optimize your budget by using online tools and phone apps. Do not wait until everything is in place only to realize the money is not enough.

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Choose destination carefully

You should look for a travel destination that your budget supports. Take into account the cost of accommodation, transportation, and other activities. You will then get an affordable destination based on all the costs. Some tend to only factor in flight prices that can land you in hot soup and end up running out of money.


Joining a volunteer program at your preferred travel destination saves you a lot of costs. You will get free accommodation and at times meals. The experience of interacting with locals is impressive, as you will get insider tips on preferred locations to explore. You will be left with flight costs and personal expenses.

Students-focused travels

Some agencies offer travel perks for students around the world. They help put the plan in place plus get discounts on transport passes. You only need an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) to enjoy discounts. Some, however, may accept the university card, but you need to check that ahead of time.

Sleep cheap

There are alternatives to the expensive hotel where you can sleep. With ISIC, you can get students’ dorms, which saves you money. A shared flat is another affordable option where you can get a roommate to share rent expense. When choosing any of the options, dig deeper to avoid ruining your trip.

Carry only the basic stuff with you and if you have some minor health issues, carry your own stuff as not many dorms are capable of assisting you in emergencies. Basic medicines and things like home BP check machines help a lot.

Book flight ticket during low seasons

You need to be different to enjoy traveling with a limited budget. The majority prefer to travel in the summer when everything is expensive. Consider the winter season or right after or before the peak traveling period. During this time, the cost of air tickets and accommodations are low.

Study abroad

First-timers find it hard to plan a trip abroad for travel purposes only. Apply for third party programs outside of your country to get an opportunity to travel with a structure and purpose. Check whether your college has exchange programs and utilize the same. There are also student loans and grants that can help.

Use alternative transport

Once you get to your destination, it is best to travel by bus and train. The cost is far cheaper compared to flights. You will also get to explore more on stopovers in small cities that could have been otherwise impossible. Know the available public transportation options in your preferred destination. 

Avoid spending a lot on food

Eating when traveling is costly and might make you run out of your budget. If your accommodation allows for cooking, then consider making your meals as it is much cheaper. Otherwise, locate a place where you can get a modest and affordable lunch. Check where locals eat as it is affordable.


Travelling is one way of widening your perspective as a student. As seen above, with a limited budget, you can still travel the world. Volunteer programs and studies abroad are the best ways as the cost is far less. You get free accommodation, which forms a significant part of the budget. If this doesn’t work for you, follow the other tips and explore more on a budget!