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2021 Student Travel Planning Guide

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2021 Edition

Focus on Virtual Field Trips

If there have been any silver linings to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, then one of them has certainly been the growing appreciation for teachers across the world. The ordinary stresses of the job have been compounded with limited face time with students, concerns about classroom safety and uncertainty about the future. However, both educators and students alike have quickly adapted to our new digital normal—a world where lessons and tests are administered over Zoom calls. As an advocate for the student travel industry, we’ve discovered that ingenuity has been applied to field trips as well.

The traditional field trip—an opportunity for students to leave their usual classrooms and apply their lessons in a tactile environment—has proven nearly impossible in the current climate. However, museums, parks and universities have continued to educate “digital visitors” through seamless integration of videos, professional Q&As and interactive maps to create “virtual field trips.” Teachers can acquire prepared lesson plans and guide discussions while modules provide students with in-depth experiences unforeseen before the digital revolution. As well, museums and labs have ingeniously designed at-home science experiments to impart lessons about physics, chemistry and art that students can replicate with simple household objects. 

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