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4 Things You Need to Pack for Your Next Student Trip

4 Things You Need to Pack for Your Next Student Trip

Traveling is an essential part of student life, whether for a field trip, a sports tournament, or performing arts. While the pandemic’s arrival has dampened these opportunities, fortunately, travel restrictions are gradually being eased. Travel sentiment is becoming more positive, with 63% of Americans planning trips throughout the year. This is up from 57% from the end of 2020. Evidently, a sense of normalcy is returning.

This means that student trips may be happening sooner rather than later. However, travel has dramatically changed because of the pandemic, which in turn changes the essentials for travel. From contactless credit cards to power banks and pens, here are four other things you should be sure not to forget on your next student trip:

 Important Documents

Travel Documents

Travel Documents. Photo Credit: Mel Poole

Bringing essential documents can save you plenty of trouble during the trip since some places may ask for identification. Start by bringing photocopies of your birth certificate and passport. If you already have your driver’s license, then it’s good to bring that as well. You may also need your medical certificates and prescriptions if you have any. Another key document to pack is your vaccine card since it may be a travel requirement, especially if you’ll be boarding flights.

There are many options to keep your documents safe, but one of the best and most stylish ways to do it is by using a document wallet. They come in various styles and sizes, but be sure to get one that is at least water-resistant in case of spills.

Point and Shoot Camera

Canon Photo

Canon Photo. Photo Credit: Nijwam Swargiary

Taking pictures on trips is essential, especially when you need references for homework and papers later on. While smartphone cameras can be convenient, there are still some details that only digital cameras can pick up. Digital point and shoot cameras have larger sensors, built-in flash, and autofocus functions, making images crisp, clear, and easy to zoom into for more detail. Lighter than their bulky DSLR counterparts, point and shoot cameras are also sturdy enough to bring on more challenging excursions where you may risk damaging your phone.

For instance, models like the Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II have image stabilization features and optical zoom. And you don’t have to be a pro photographer to capture these images. Choose models with the features you need the most, whether that’s powerful zoom capabilities or adaptive modes for various environments on your student trip.

Water Bottle

water bottle

Water Bottle. Photo Credit: Paul Hanaoka

Staying hydrated is crucial when you’re out and about. You may end up walking around for hours and risk getting dehydrated. While buying bottled water is an option, it may eat up your pocket money and may not be as readily available in some places. It is also not sustainable to keep buying water bottles. Having an insulated water bottle is a better alternative because you can store more water in it (depending on the size you get), and it keeps liquids cool for hours.

In fact, insulated water bottles are in trend, largely thanks to Hydro Flask’s bright colors and spot-on branding. You can choose any insulated water bottle design from several other brands today; just ensure that it is a reputable brand that sells authentic steel bottles. By investing in an insulated water bottle, you can ensure that you stay hydrated the whole day.

COVID Protection Essentials

Protective masks

Protective Masks. Photo Credit: Mika Baumeister

The COVID-19 situation may be looking better as more people get vaccinated, but it is still best to err on the side of caution when it comes to health and safety. Packing a good-quality mask and some sanitizer will help keep you safe on your trip.

When choosing a mask, it’s important to look for one with a high filtration rate against small particles. N95 masks are the golden standard for protective masks against viral infections if you can get them. Surgical masks work well too, but ensure it fits snugly and wear a cloth mask on top of it for extra safety. Sanitizer or rubbing alcohol will ensure your hands are germ-free even without access to water. This reduces the likelihood of contracting or transmitting pathogens with your hands.

Whether you’re going to the museum or an adventure park for team building, having these essentials will keep you well-prepared and safe for any student travel planned.