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Adventure and History Await Student Groups in China

Adventure and History Await Student Groups in China

Traveling to China as a student can be an outstanding opportunity. It’s one of the oldest cultures in existence. The world’s most populous country offers Western travelers a chance to learn about lifestyles and traditions so removed from anything they’ve ever experienced. China is the place to travel when you want a true Asian cultural experience.

Planning Your Trip

The best way to travel in China is through a student travel or tour company, especially if you plan to travel alone. You’ll find this is the best way to save money on the trip and do as much as possible while there. In particular, you’ll want to visit Shanghai, Zhumadian, Beijing, Nanchang and Tai’an.

Student Performance Venues in China

China offers a variety of music halls and other venues. Most of these are for the use of domestic artists and musical events. However, it may be possible to utilize these facilities for student travel needs as well. Performing arts centers include Beijing Concert Hall in Beijing and Shanghai Grand Theatre in Shanghai. The Shanghai Concert Hall is another option.

Visiting Shanghai

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is the country’s largest city, with a population of more than 20 million, offers the most diversity. The city is a blend of old traditions and very modern features. Look for the ancient temples for a bit of history. You’ll also find fun places to dance.

Sights in Shanghai

There’s a lot to see here. Start with Nanjing Road, the largest commercial street in the city. About 1.7 million people visit here daily and you’ll be able to shop top name brands at the 600 shops. Visit The Bund, on the Huangpu River for its historically rich features, including 1930s buildings. Also on your list should be Jade Buddha Temple, one of the most famous Buddhist shrines in the country.

Visiting Zhumadian

The city of Zhumadian is a completely different experience. For insight into the true culture of the country, it may offer exactly the experience you are looking for.

Sights in Zhumadian

When visiting Zhumadian, be sure to plan a trip to Chaya Mountain, an exhilarating experience. The Yang Tai Temple Site is an excellent destination for its beautiful architecture.

Visiting Beijing

Tiananmen, Beijing, China

Tiananmen, Beijing, China

As the capital city, there is no doubt a visit to Beijing is in order for any student traveler. You’ll experience the true turmoil and cultural differences here. The political and economic hotspot in the country also brings with it plenty of tourists. You’ll find tourism hotspots here, including bars, restaurants and shops. Beijing offers a wide range of attractions for the 140 million tourists from China and 4.4 million international travelers who visit each year.

Sights in Beijing

For history, the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City are must-see locations. You’ll also want to visit the National Stadium for a more modern take on the town. The Temple of Heaven also brings in a large number of tourists. And you’ll want to check out something a bit more lighthearted, such as the Beijing Zoo.

Visiting Nanchang

Bayi Square

Bayi Square, Nanchang, China


The city of Nanchang isn’t as well known internationally as others, but it is a cultural, scientific, and economic destination in the country. In fact, the city, known as the Heroes’ City, is the location where the Communist uprising originated in 1927. The city is worth a visit to students who want to understand the cultural importance of the region and those who wish to interact with locals. You’ll find it’s less structured here than in Beijing or Shanghai, giving you more freedom to explore the area.

Sights in Nanchang

Visitor magnets include the Bayi Monument and Pavilion of Prince Teng. Also check out The Star of Nanchang, once the largest Ferris wheel in the world, and Sheng Jin Tower.

A trip to China as a student can be incredibly rewarding. It is a trip that will offer plenty of things to do for those who are interested in history specifically, but it also offers a wide range of opportunities for those people looking to explore a completely different culture. You’ll find a few bars and clubs available especially in the larger cities, but the interest here tends to be more on cultural side.