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Brightspark’s Disney YES Program Offers Tours For Every Interest

Brightspark’s Disney YES Program Offers Tours For Every Interest

The six theme parks that make up Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida are among the most visited on Earth. For generations, families have flocked to the “Most Magical Place on Earth” to meet characters from Disney’s famous films and enjoy state-of-the-art attractions. Since their beginning, the parks have also been welcoming to student groups, and with the help of Brightspark Travel’s Disney YES program, your group can meet the “Imagineers” and craftspeople that let the parks function. Every 5-day tour allows ample time for students to explore the park at their leisure, and itineraries are tailored to the interests of your group, including performing arts, science and much more. Here are some of the full-service Disney tours Brightspark offers.

Band Tours

Have your students ever dreamed of marching down Main Street, U.S.A in front of Cinderella Castle or performing in Tomorrowland? With this tour, your musicians can play in front of theme park guests and learn about Disney’s deployment of music throughout the resort. In addition to experiencing the pageantry of a Disney World performance, students will participate in a scavenger hunt that takes them through the Magic Kingdom’s six themed “lands” and teaches them how music can set the mood for certain attractions. The group will also participate in a Jazz it Up workshop, where musicians experience the excitement of a recording studio environment as a Disney clinician conducts a rehearsal and recording session of classic Disney selections played jazz-style. Of course, groups will also have plenty to enjoy during their free time, such as the pyrotechnic and fireworks display Illuminations: Reflections of Earth at Epcot.

Science Tours


Epcot’s Future World area is dedicated to human innovation, and students can meet the scientists and researchers in biology and technology fields on Brightspark’s science tours. At The Seas with Nemo & Friends, groups explore diverse marine environments with educators and marine conservation to learn what you can do to help protect ocean life. Your students will also learn about the physics of light and sound during a Magic Kingdom fireworks display and chemistry in an interactive tour of Epcot. At the Animal Kingdom, groups will explore the fascinating and surprising world of animal behavior. See exotic animals in their natural habitat and engage in hands‐on activities to learn how they survive and thrive. The tour allows for plenty of exploration time, so students can learn about cutting edge agricultural practices at The Land pavilion or fossil fuels at Ellen’s Energy Adventure.

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Leadership Development


The largest single-site employer in the United States, Disney World is internationally known for its human resources and management programs. The Disney YES Leadership Strategies program allows young men and women to develop skills for the corporate and retail world, areas that Disney has mastered. Between free time in the Disney World and Disneyland parks, students engage in seminars led by park employees with leadership experience. Discover how technology, communication and commerce have bridged cultural gaps around the world as you navigate the international pavilions of Epcot World Showcase or learn how to curate your personal brand with Disney marketing experts. In between seminars, students can enter the Twilight Zone or a galaxy far, far away at Disney Hollywood Studios.

Theatre Tours


Every day, Disney’s hundreds of performers work tirelessly to ensure the parks’ parades, live shows and character meet-and-greets run smoothly. Groups interested in theatre can meet these professionals and learn what it takes to be a Disney performer. The Disney Broadway Magic Performing Arts workshop grants an inside look at the fundamentals of musical theatre. Groups perform material from a Broadway production such as “Beauty and the Beast” and learn vocal techniques and rehearsal efficiency. The Acting 101 workshop teaches budding stars how to create characters, improvise and project professionalism on stage using proven performance techniques that will boost the confidence of any actor. On the trip’s final day, students are granted a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of La Noba, the exclusive Cirque de Soleil show in the Disney Springs entertainment district. Groups gain a hands-on understanding of how music can create emotion, atmospheric tone and a vivid sense of time and place. During planned free time, students can further experience the live stage shows Disney offers, such as “The Festival of the Lion King” and “Frozen Sing-Along Celebration.”

With many more offerings, Brightpark’s Disney YES is sure to have a tour that will appeal to your student group’s interests.