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Delaware Field Trip Guide

Delaware Field Trip Guide

Students will enjoy historical and educational field trips through museums and group attractions in Delaware

Delaware may be the second smallest state in terms of land mass, but it certainly does not lack in history, culture, performing arts and educational programs. Famous for tax-free shopping, and the fact that a majority of Fortune 500 companies are Delaware entities, the state also has a reputation for rich historic and cultural sites, museums with wonderful STEM programs and more, which makes Delaware a great state for field trips. Along with its energetic beaches and boardwalks, pristine woodlands and rivers, Delaware is sure to please every student in your group.

Delaware Field Trip Ideas:

  • Visit Kalmar Nyckel
  • Nemours Mansion and Gardens
  • Delaware Theatre Company
  • Hagley Museum and Library
  • Delaware Art Museum
  • Smyrna Opera House


Delaware is full of historical attractions from old log cabins to a full-scale replica of a colonial ship.

History & Heritage Field Trip Ideas in Delaware

Delaware was the first of the original 13 colonies to ratify the U.S. Constitution to become a state on December 7, 1787—hence its official nickname “The First State.” Student groups will enjoy learning about Wilmington’s Swedish origins through a Kalmar Nyckel (Key of Kalmar) field trip. Kalmar Nyckel is a full-scale, award-winning replica of the colonial ship that brought European settlers to the Delaware Valley in 1638. Ship and maritime center programs last for four hours, including sailing on the ship and stops at four interactive stations on land. Field trip groups can also learn about Delaware’s most famous family, the du Ponts, at Nemours Mansion and Gardens. Also located in Wilmington, the 300-acre estate provides interpretive guides for the 77-room mansion, formal French-style gardens and the chauffeur’s garage which features a vintage collection of automobiles. Groups are encouraged to picnic on the grounds and enjoy the scenery.

Delaware Performing Arts Field Trips

From field trips with big stages to small opera houses, exciting opportunities for the performing arts range throughout Delaware. The Delaware Theatre Company has enriched the vitality of the Wilmington area through artistic programming, education and community service and since 1979 with professional performances and youth summer-on-stage programs and theatre labs. Founded within an abandoned firehouse, this unique 389-seat venue has impacted over 100,000 people through its Education and Community Engagement programs.

Also located in Wilmington, Delaware Children’s Theater is dedicated to providing creative expression to youths with plays, music, workshops and more. Located between Dover and Wilmington, Smyrna Opera House provides young talents a beautiful venue for all event types from September through June, along with summer camps during off season and classes year-round. Nearby, students can enjoy the outdoors at Blackbird State Forest with its abundant nature and wildlife areas, as well as some water fun at Kula SUP.


The Delaware Art Museum provides youth and child camps throughout the year. Photo by Shannon Woodloe

STEM for Educational Field Trips in Delaware

Kalmar Nyckel is also an excellent site for STEM (Science, Math, Technology & Engineering) programs. Field trip groups will delve into mathematics and engineering through the eyes of a sailor, exploring the principles of buoyancy, points and angles of sail, celestial navigation, dead reckoning and more. Founded in 1912 as the Wilmington Society of the Fine Arts, the Delaware Art Museum provides youth and child camps throughout the year. Some of these camps include art experiment opportunities such as pendulum painting, fluid art and making musical instruments.

Located in New Castle County outside of Wilmington, along the banks of the beautiful Brandywine Creek, the Hagley Museum and Library offers a plethora of STEM opportunities across 235 acres. Not only will student field trip groups enjoy learning about the history of the grounds, STEM programs vary for everyone’s interests, ranging from learning coding for robotics to assisted invention creation where students can apply for a Hagley patent. The site is also the first U.S. home and gardens of the du Pont family.

Main photo: Kalmar Nyckel is a full-scale, award-winning replica of the colonial ship that brought European settlers to the Delaware Valley in 1638.