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Group Travel Videos Makes Memories a Communal Effort

Group Travel Videos Makes Memories a Communal Effort

When Jamye Richmond, the Texas History teacher for Pilot Point Middle School, plans her annual 8th grade trip to our nation’s capital, she already has plenty on her mind. Though many of her lodging and tour logistics are taken care of by WorldStrides Educational Student Travel, there are special challenges she faces, such as keeping students engaged with the area’s history and making sure they can navigate the Metro system. Taking pictures and storing them for posterity can be an afterthought.

Luckily for Richmond and countless educators across the country, Group Travel Videos allows students, chaperones and teachers to take photos and store them in one convenient digital folder for easy access with the group’s unique username and password.

“It’s very easy to use and update,” she says. “Group Travel Videos has timeline features and a format that’s really easy to navigate, and it makes such a great keepsake for my outgoing 8th graders.”


The Group Travel Video App allows any member of your travel party with a phone, tablet or laptop to upload photos customized for each trip, and administrators can edit and manipulate the pictures later for slideshows, keepsakes and promotional purposes. It’s designed for maximum sharing potential; social media settings allow administrators to share the photos in real-time on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and friends and family can view the photos back home. And when your trip is finished, Group Travel Videos will provide areal, keepsake  DVD video complete with special effects, music and titles- to last a lifetime.

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Registering for the program is easy. First, your group will have to be signed up with Group Travel Videos service. Many tour operators include it as part of their package. In the process of signing up, you’ll receive a group login. Once your amateur photographers download the app and enter the login information, they can upload their photos on the go. The photo administrator (usually a group leader, teacher or other responsible adult) is given their own individual login credentials and the ability to delete photos if needed. Also, you can request a loaner quality Canon digital camera as well at no extra charge.


If this seems like a lot to remember, don’t worry; a how-to app card is provided to each traveler. It contains the user name and password unique to your group. By giving your entire student travel group a secondary place to store their most precious snapshots, there’s less impact when someone’s smartphone goes on the fritz or when someone’s digital camera dies. Photos, rather than being lost in digital smoke, stay safely in the cloud. Also, the DVD video collage keeps the best of everyone’s images handy, storable and viewable for years to come in the storytelling video they will create.

The compilation feature is Jamye Richmond’s favorite feature of the program. “It’s a wonderful marketing tool,” she says. “It’s great publicity for the 7th graders I’m promoting the trip to for the next year. They being able to see their friends and siblings having so much fun in D.C. really makes it an easy sell.”

Long-term storage is also a draw for Richmond. “It blesses my heart to see these pictures four years later in the senior graduation slideshow. I think it speaks to the quality of Group Travel Videos that the pictures can have that amazing impact.”


Student group travel is all about the things we learn, the moments we share and the memories we create. The last thing anyone wants to do is risk losing any of these experiences; often, the first thing student travelers want to do is share them! With the Group Travel Videos program, you can truly capture and share these moments, whether it’s with access to the app, displaying a curated collection on social media or watching the video online or the keepsake DVD version.

Ask your Tour Operator about GROUP TRAVEL VIDEOS or call them direct at 1-888-533-7637 x204 if you are arranging your own trip.