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How To Pick the Perfect Carry-On Luggage for Your Flight

How To Pick the Perfect Carry-On Luggage for Your Flight

It’s safe to say traveling with a carry-on is better than having to check your luggage. You won’t need to worry about overpacking because you’ll have all the essentials. It saves you time, money, and stress. And we all know that you’re going on vacation to relieve stress.

So let’s look at some tips for how to pick the perfect carry-on luggage for your flight. That way, you can focus on the most crucial aspect of your vacation: having fun!

The Perfect Fit

Typically, most airlines allow two bags to accompany you on the plane. The first can either be a backpack or a purse of some kind. The second is considered your carry-on. If you plan to travel with only a carry-on, then you must ensure that your bag is indeed a carry-on.

For your second bag to qualify as a carry-on, it needs to fit in the overhead bins on the plane. These overhead bins are rather spacious, but if there is a full flight, you want to be sure your carry-on remains a carry-on and does not become a checked bag.

Check the size of your carry-on before purchasing to make sure your suitcase fits within the size guidelines. You won’t have to worry constantly about whether your carry-on bag will make the cut.

Zip It Up!

One of the worst things before your trip is a faulty zipper. You’re just about to head out the door and zip up your carry-on, and then suddenly, it explodes on you.

There is a chance this happened because you stuffed your carry-on to the brim, but chances are you didn’t overpack like that because you only prepared for one suitcase. Sometimes, bags just fall apart. Choose a carry-on bag with a luxury zipper.

To get a luxury zipper, you’ll need to purchase a luxury carry-on, but that’s okay. Consider this item to be an investment. Your bag will be sustainable and last you a long time. You’ll have more trips to plan and account for, but you won’t worry about if your carry-on can make it.

Wheels for the Win

You can decide whether your carry-on has wheels or not, but we recommend wheels. Wheeled baggage is more efficient and makes for more accessible travel. You probably won’t pack enough to strain your back or shoulder, but don’t deal with the possibility.

Pulling your carry-on alongside you or behind you gives you a chance to hold on to other things. As stated previously, most airlines will allow two bags to accompany you. If one is already a backpack or a large purse, don’t create extra baggage for yourself. The perfect carry-on luggage for your flight should have wheels.