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Important Group Travel Safety Tips to Remember

Important Group Travel Safety Tips to Remember

Planning student trips is an exciting time, but it’s a complex process. Make sure that you take a look at these group travel safety tips before you go!

Whether traveling with middle school band students or high school students abroad, there are several important things to keep in mind; one of which is safety. This is probably the area that concerns group travel planners the most—each and every student’s safety. Though traveling with a group can be a ton of fun for everyone involved, it requires precaution—look through these group travel safety tips and make the most of the trip!

Be Aware of Surroundings

This is a tip that you should follow whether you’re traveling alone or with a few people—staying aware of your surroundings will keep you and everyone on the trip safe. Remind the children how important it is to stay aware of their surroundings at all times, but especially in regard to their wallets and personal information. Get the group educated on the different types of identity theft; this is not to scare them, but rather to help them understand what to look out for. The more educated and aware they are about their surroundings and what to do to keep themselves safe, the better for you and them.

Set Up a Buddy System

The buddy system is vital to individual safety within a group. Rely on these buddy systems so that the students are held accountable for their partners—think of it as another way to triple check that everyone is around and is safe. In general, these buddies will take stress off yourself and also help the students feel safer as they explore the new place.

Pick Lodgings Wisely

While you’re planning, reach out to trusted people who are familiar with the cities you’re visiting and ask them to help you select a safe location. You want group-friendly accommodations, and you’ll need to ensure that you can book rooms that are all close in proximity. Do your research—look at reviews to help you figure it out if you’re really stuck.

Establish Rendezvous Spots

No matter where you’re going, and no matter how busy or empty a place is, always establish a rendezvous spot. Explain to the students that this place is where they should go if they’re separated from the group, and that they should stay there and wait, rather than roam around. Even if you’re not going far from the hotel, establishing a meet-up spot will give the students (and yourself) a safety net if anyone needs it.

Use Common Sense

Our last tip is something you should explain and reiterate to everyone throughout the trip—use common sense and trust your gut. If you feel like a place isn’t safe for the students, leave. Just because it was on the itinerary doesn’t mean it has to be done, especially if it feels unsafe. Safety in numbers is true, but if you and others feel uncomfortable, that’s something to watch out for.