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Learn About the World by Traveling to Perth

Learn About the World by Traveling to Perth

You have one shot: You have one chance to plan the perfect student trip this year, one budget to work with, one stack of permission slips, one opportunity to offer your students the sort of experience that could change their lives. One chance to perhaps introduce a student to their life’s passion, one chance to show them that there is a larger world out there, one chance to impress a bunch of impossible-to-impress young minds.


It’s daunting. There are a lot of choices out there for the perfect student trip, but which one is perfect? While some cities will get mentioned more often than others, one of your best options might be down under your nose: Perth, in Western Australia. Perth is a vibrant city that big, but not too big. It offers all the benefits of a big city while being small enough not to get lost in. Above all, Perth offers not only all the best aspects of Australia, but golden opportunities for education, fun and the experience of a lifetime for students of all ages.

 What is Perth Like?


Perth is located in Western Australia, which is a vast and sparsely populated area. Perth’s population of 1.5 million accounts for about 70% of the state’s entire population. The Swan River runs through the city, offering many unspoiled beaches and lots of beautiful scenes of nature right inside the city limits.

Perth is welcoming to travelers. The multi-cultural population includes nearly 40,000 international students studying at schools in Perth each year. Perth is spacious with lots of parks. It can be hot in the summer, but the humidity is low, so it’s never particularly uncomfortable.

What Educational Opportunities are There in Perth?

Perth has plenty to offer students in terms of arts, culture and educational opportunities.

Cultural Attractions

 The Perth Concert Hall is home to the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and features an eclectic schedule of music from all over the world year round. There are always opportunities for students to learn about music history and world cultures there.


 The Art Gallery of Western Australia is one of the most impressive museums in the world, and contains the State Art Collection. The museum offers an unparalleled collection of Indigenous art and art specific to Western Australia’s history.

 The West Australian Opera is the only full-time opera in Western Australia and offers a schedule of traditional opera programming as well as a growing investment in new, original productions. The opera company also offer a range of free concerts in the city each year.

What’s Fun to Do in Perth?

Even serious students sometimes need to get out and cut loose. Luckily, Perth offers plenty to do when the brain needs a break.


Adventure World offers a world-class amusement park experience, including the newly-built roller coaster The Abyss.

The Wanneroo Botanical Gardens, one of the largest private gardens in Australia, are open daily for tours among the incredible plant life.

The Peel Region of Perth offers pristine beaches, crystal-clear water, and plenty of beach and water fun.

 King’s Park is a huge open space in Perth, and upon entry you’ll have the illusion of having traveled to the fabled Outback. With biking and hiking trails, it’s a great way to relax and catch a perfect high-altitude view of the city.

What About Auditing Courses in Perth?

Perth is home to several universities that see a lot of international students every year. A great idea for long-term visiting students is to audit courses while they’re in Perth.


The University of Western Australia, usually ranked as one of the top three schools in Australia, is located near the center of Perth.

 Edith Cowan University is located just outside Perth to the north and its courses are usually among the highest-rated in the country.

 Murdoch University is to the south of Perth and enjoys one of the largest international student populations in Australia.

 Curtin University is Perth’s largest university, with nearly 40,000 students (about a third of which are international). Curtin has a strong focus on research.

Make a Plan

Additionally, Perth offers plenty of nightlife, great food and all the expected comforts of a big city while never losing the sense of small-town life that defines Perth Living. Any group of students will have an ideal experience in this city: They will learn, they will meet a diverse group of people, and they will have the time of their lives.

Now you know: Perth is the answer to your student trip needs. Whatever your scholars are interested in, they will find resources and inspiration in this Australian city – all you need to do is book the trip. Been to Perth? Give us your best tips in the comments!