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Offbeat Brooklyn – Uncovering an Unusual and Amazing Side of Big Apple’s Neighborhood

Offbeat Brooklyn – Uncovering an Unusual and Amazing Side of Big Apple’s Neighborhood

Brooklyn is often dubbed as the cooler and free-spirited cousin of Manhattan by the New Yorkers. 

Brooklyn weather suggests fall to be a good time for visiting the place. The weather in October is very comfortable and great for sightseeing. May and August with moderate temperature conditions can be great too. 

When you check the weather in Brooklyn, you will find it is best to avoid the time from December to February because of the heavy snow.

Brooklyn is a place that should be on the cards of every student traveler. This borough of New York City lures the eclectic, the artsy, and the hip in flocks. You can check out this unusual list of activities that you can opt for your next group adventure.

Cherry Blossom Festival

One of the most beautiful places in Brooklyn is the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The breathtaking and gorgeous collection of gardens command their audience individually. Rose Garden with blooming roses in summer months, the Pond Garden with frozen ponds in winter, or the Bonsai Garden are a treat for the eyes.

What you can not miss is the two-day weekend-long lively Cherry Blossom festival at the Japanese Garden. It will surely grab the attention of young and older students. 

The invigorating cherry blossom scent, Japanese martial arts shows, traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for families, Japanese dances, Japanese traditional games, Japanese manga cartoons, and a lot more make the visit special.

Mini Golf

You can seldom see Sunset Park featured in the NYC guides. It is a neighborhood that gives you a glimpse of Brooklyn’s cultural diversity and factory past.

The neighborhood’s Industry City has a design that pays homage to the factory past. The designers’ intent of keeping the once common freight elevators, brick and steel warehouse exteriors have led to the creation of a wonderful time capsule. Not many tourists visit the place, and it can be an amazing spot for students.

One of the courtyards of Industry City has a mini-golf course that attracts visitors and locals swarming in with their kids. The students can try their luck to get to a hole through the iconic structural replicas of Brooklyn. Structures include the Wonder Wheel ride of Coney Island and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Puppet Show

A plan to witness a genuine marionette puppet show can mean a visit to Puppetworks foundation’s show. It is in the family-oriented community of Park Slope. It is one of the two places where you can enjoy such a show in New York City. The second one is Central Park’s Swedish Marionette Theater.

The fairy tale classics come to life in the theater with the ancient art of marionette puppetry and artistic puppets. The short shows can give your student group a chance to interact with both the puppets and the puppeteers.

A Date With Sharks 

If you are in for some sea lions and scary shark shows, then your student group should head to Brooklyn’s New York Aquarium. It is the only place in the city to witness large sea creatures like stingrays and sharks.

The massive indoor tanks house rays, sharks, and turtles. You can witness the peaceful co-existence of threatening-looking sharks and giant turtles. You can take a close-up view as they swim close to the viewing glass. 

Cyclone Rollercoaster Ride 

You will often see the Brooklynites follow a yearly ritual of taking a Cyclone roller coaster ride to mark the onset of the summer season. You can not get fooled by the rickety looks this gem has a lot to offer under its belt. If your group has older students, they are bound to enjoy this exciting ride.

However, there are specific height requisites to experience this adrenaline rush, so research before you plan. If there are height qualification concerns, you can head to Luna Park with your student group. It offers arcade games and gentler rides.

Calm Down at Water Lab 

The Brooklyn Bridge Park has a lot of outdoor space for everyone to unwind in an expansive green area. Among all the attractions, it has a cooling spot with water spraying known as Water Lab. 

The design has rocky areas and tiny water sprinklers to make the outing with your student group adventurous and fun-filled.

These are a few of the unusual yet amazing activities that you can look forward to doing at Brooklyn with your student group. You can also check out rare Pallas’ cats at Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn Children Museum’s pretend play, or indulge yourself in chocolates at Jacques Torres.


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