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Students Explore the Ocean with SEA LIFE

Students Explore the Ocean with SEA LIFE

There are few things as magical as coming face to face with a sea turtle, a shark or a clown fish. Encountering creatures we don’t see in our everyday lives is a special experience. The world under the deep blue water is still a mystery, and we’re learning new things everyday. You can teach students about it in a classroom, from a textbook, but the message is much more powerful if experienced in person. SEA LIFE, the largest aquarium brand in the world, wants to share the wonder of the ocean with everyone, especially young students.

SEA LIFE Aquariums offer a glimpse at life underwater, showing people all the kinds of species that exist there. In addition, the aquarium works closely with schools to educate and inspire students. The different locations provide guided tours and workshops, as well as creature presentations and hands-on learning.

There are locations all over the world. School groups in the U.S. have many great options to visit:

Kansas City

Engage students’ senses at SEA LIFE in Kansas City, Missouri. School groups can enjoy a wonderful, interactive tour of the aquarium, visiting exciting, educational exhibits. The workshops at the aquarium are designed to match school standards, catering to kids of all grade levels. Pre-kindergardeners can learn all about habitats and what makes a home for an animal, while 6th-12th graders take a look at career paths in marine science.

The brand new Doodle Reef showcases the stunning tropical ocean. Students have the chance to create their own virtual sea creatures that come to life on the screen. As students explore, they can keep a Dive Log Book and collect stamps to learn as they go. At the interactive rock pool students can hold a crab or touch a starfish. During the visit, students will be educated on ocean conservation with the focus of “breed, rescue and protect.” It’s a great educational field trip for students eager to learn about the ocean.


Students in Michigan can visit SEA LIFE in Auburn Hills to learn all about life under the sea through hands-on learning. The aquarium provides teachers with learning guides to share with students prior to their field trip and to use as a learning tool when they return to the classroom. SEA LIFE Michigan provides educational programming for all ages, and offers talks, feeding demonstrations and the opportunity to get hands on with crabs, shrimp and much more.


Through educational workshops, students will discover ways they can protect the ocean through actions taken in their own state. Plus, they get to come face to face with sharks, stingrays and giant sea turtles—when it’s this fun, they won’t even notice they’re learning.


How many of your students can identify the parts of a shark? If the answer is none, you may need to arrange a student trip to SEA LIFE Dallas. Students can participate in educational workshops designed to meet Texas Education Standards. Young students can learn about key creatures in the aquarium and their habitats and lifestyles. Older students will discover the mannerisms of cephalopods and the characteristics of sharks.

Apart from the workshops, the aquarium offers interactive tours through its various exhibits. As they venture from one tank to the next, students can partake in an interactive quiz to test their knowledge of ocean life. They’ll learn about the message of “breed, rescue, protect” as they zoom through the 360-degree ocean tunnel and stick their hands in the rock pool. When they get back to the classroom, they’ll be excited to share their new knowledge of ocean life.


A sea of change from the everyday classroom experience, SEA LIFE Arizona in Tempe provides your school group with a guided lesson through the world under the waves. Students will learn the importance of marine conservation through lessons about tracking sea turtles, the danger of plastic pollution, the ocean currents and the powerful forces that affect this incredible habitat. The lessons and tours meet state and national curriculum standards, and offer students a unique and up-close experience with fascinating sea creatures.

Fotoshooting SeaLife am 25.05.2015 in Timmendorer Strand. Foto: Ulrich Perrey

Photo Credit Ulrich Perrey

Students should not miss the Desert Pup Fish, an endangered native species that is known to be able to survive in waters that exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. They will also have the chance to see white tip reef sharks, a cownose ray and a green sea turtle, among many other interesting species. A visit to SEA LIFE Arizona is a break from the norm, and a great aquatic experience in the middle of the desert.


The only aquarium in this part of the Carolinas, SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord will engage your students in a whole new way. Field Trips will encounter an array of sea creatures, learn how to make the oceans a better place through conservation, take part in an interactive touchpool experience, and hear educational talks and see feedings throughout the day.

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Teachers can include a workshop that follows North Carolina state curriculum standards. The workshops cater to different grade levels, and introduce students to different habitats and species of the ocean. SEA LIFE offers teachers a fun and educational experience for their students.


Inspire your students with a visit to SEA LIFE Orlando, located in the heart of Orlando’s popular International Drive. The aquarium offers fun and interactive visits for students, including behind-the-scenes tours, educational lessons and hands-on experiences. Students will encounter over 5,000 different ocean species, including turtles, giant pacific octopus, seahorses and jellyfish. Teachers also have access to resource guides for educational workshops that have been customized to meet Florida state education standards and can be used back in the classroom when students return from their field trip.


In addition to the aquarium, students can add a few other experiences to their trip. SEA LIFE Orlando is located next to other great attractions, such as the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye and Madame Tussauds. The aquarium provides amazing value for school groups, and encourages students to learn about the ocean and conserving our world.


One of the many attractions found in Mall of America in Bloomington, SEA LIFE Minnesota is a great place for teachers to bring their students. The aquarium lets students dive right into an immersive experience filled with fascinating creatures. Student groups can take a guided tour of the aquarium. They can gaze up at an expansive world of water as they walk through the 300-foot long underwater tunnel, test their knowledge with the Breed-Rescue-Protect Quiz trail and get hands-on at the Rockpool.

On top of the tour and daily creature talks and feeds, teachers can add on a workshop or behind-the-scenes tour for even more educational fun. Educators can also receive pre- and post-visit activities to prepare students prior to the trip and continue the lesson once they’re back in the classroom. SEA LIFE is a great place for students to actively engage with underwater life and discover a world unlike any other.