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Sustainability Field Trips for Students Interested in the Environment

Sustainability Field Trips for Students Interested in the Environment

When planning field trips for your students, as a dedicated teacher one of the most important and utmost priorities is to organize something that is both fun and educational.

Protecting the natural environment and focusing on sustainability is incredibly important for everyone to recognize, but when you are in the responsible and influential position of a teacher, it is your job to encourage such ethical values in your students.

With that being said, continue reading to learn some ideas for lessons in sustainability for students who are interested in the environment.

Inspire Them to Think About Their Future

Depending on the age of your students, they may well be living with their parents or guardian and, as of yet, have no firm plans of what they would like to do with their lives or where they would like to live.

However, whether or not your students are planning their future yet or not, encouraging them to think about sustainability at home is a fantastic way to cement such ethical thinking into their minds at their younger age.

Taking them to a recycling plant, for example, can be entirely more fascinating than you may first think and will encourage your students to make sensible decisions in the future, which require minimal effort, yet can have a high impact on the natural environment. Sustainable and ethical suppliers, such as, for example, focus on providing everyday items, in bulk, that have been manufactured as safely and as sustainably as possible.

Eco-Friendly Field Trips

One of the myriads of advantages to living in the United States is the plethora of fascinating, stunning and truly spectacular locations which are perfect to take a group of students to teach them about the importance of protecting the natural environment.

Following are just six examples of the best locations to choose when wanting to take your students on an enjoyable, eye-opening and educational field trip, either for the day or as part of a tour over a week:

  • Hiking tours on the West Orange Trail in Orlando, Florida
  • Nature retreats in the Ozark Mountains between Kansas and Oklahoma
  • Walking the Lakefront Trail in Chicago, Illinois
  • Learning about the conservation efforts of Half Moon Bay in California
  • Exploring the Colorado Springs in the Rocky Mountains
  • Journeying through the Fairbanks in Alaska

Lesson Plans in Eco-Friendly Education

As well as impressing on your students the importance of recycling and lowering their carbon footprint and taking them to areas of outstanding natural beauty which need to be protected, sustainability and the importance of being eco-friendly can also be easily taught in a classroom setting.

Teach your class about the different types of energy and how better to preserve energy, as well as the benefits of doing so and encourage them to think and more importantly, start enacting, ways they can be more eco-friendly in their day-to-day lives. This is instilling positive values for the future.