Student Travelers Fly High in North Carolina

July 22, 2015

Located on the East Coast of the United States, North Carolina is a beautiful Southern state with adventure around every corner. Covering a vast area spanning from the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains down to the sandy shores of its Atlantic Coast [...]

South Carolina’s One-of-a-kind Student Travel Options

June 24, 2015

South Carolina has much to offer any traveler, from fascinating educational experiences to exhilarating entertainment. Student groups especially look forward to a great time with loads of exciting opportunities to explore everything South Carolina [...]

10 Top Theme Parks for Student Groups to Discover

December 1, 2013

Every student travel planner is aware of Disney World, Disneyland, Busch Gardens and Six Flags, but the U.S. abounds with other major theme parks worth a look. Though they offer a full day’s worth of fun and educational programs as well, these [...]