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A Wisconsin Adventure to Blow Student Groups Away

July 16, 2015

Known as the top dairy producer in the country and home to football’s Green Bay Packers, there’s more to Wisconsin than cheese and die-hard fans. The land of cheese, bratwurst, fishing villages, farms, lighthouses and sandy [...]

Sampling D.C.’s “Other” Museums

March 2, 2015

An “official” student tour of our Nation’s Capital has to include at least one Smithsonian museum. Standard itineraries feature the National Museum of American History, National Air and Space Museum and other great repositories on the National [...]

A Dozen Top Aquariums: More Than Just Fish

January 25, 2014

Offering students an in-depth educational experience, aquariums provide an up-close look at marine life and insight into animal preservation. But students will see more than fish—many aquariums are home to birds and mammals as well. Here is a [...]

Ancient and Modern Marvels Await Students in Greece

January 2, 2014

A trip to Greece can be an outstanding opportunity for students to explore both the ancient world and modern cities. Greece has plenty to offer the student traveler, including a robust nightlife and plenty of historical sites. Greece is covered in [...]

Scotland Beckons Student Travelers

January 2, 2014

Scotland offers a unique combination of outdoor fun, including great fishing and hiking, and some of the very best in medieval castles. Imagine spending a night in one or learning the history of one of its old churches. Push aside the history, [...]

10 Top Theme Parks for Student Groups to Discover

December 1, 2013

Every student travel planner is aware of Disney World, Disneyland, Busch Gardens and Six Flags, but the U.S. abounds with other major theme parks worth a look. Though they offer a full day’s worth of fun and educational programs as well, these [...]

Going to the NYC? City Sightseeing Has Your Tour

September 18, 2013

So you’ve got some group travel to New York City planned. What’s the big deal?  Seeing the sights of New York shouldn’t be all that complicated. Its skyline is familiar, seen on countless TV shows and movies. Its streets and avenues are on a [...]

A San Francisco Trip for Students

March 11, 2013

When planning your next school trip, consider the City by the Bay. Entertaining and historic, San Francisco, California provides students with everything from unique attractions to insightful city tours. San Francisco will deliver a trip your [...]

12 Student-Friendly Sightseeing Cruises

October 2, 2012

Every student enjoys an exciting field trip outdoors and what better way to do just that than from aboard a sightseeing cruise. Whether your group is learning about art and architecture, historical events such as the Boston Tea Party or plant and [...]

Top Student Music Festivals

July 11, 2012

Student music festivals bring together talented young people who want to display their talents and hone their skills. There are many of these events around the United States available to young music enthusiasts. Here is a sampling of student music [...]

Seven Top Student Travel Providers

June 6, 2012

When educators first get the inspiration to travel with their students, they usually turn to a tour operator that specializes in student travel. Whether it’s a short trip to the state capital or an international adventure, these organizations can [...]

Exciting Student Activities at Mall of America

March 1, 2012

Mall of America Mall of America® is excited for another action-packed year as we celebrate our 20th anniversary! More than 800 million visitors from throughout the world have visisted MOA™ during the last two decades, including about 12,000 [...]

Two Good Days in Madrid

January 5, 2012

If Barcelona is the soul of Spain, then Madrid is the heart. Its main thoroughfares pulse with traffic, vehicular and pedestrian alike. The city radiates a persistent, enveloping energy that knows not the chime of the clock. Vibrant, cosmopolitan [...]

Students Find History and Fun in Williamsburg

August 4, 2010

What better way to educate your student travel group on America’s history than to let them live it? Historic Williamsburg, Virginia, thrives with culture and tradition, a living history lesson where your student travelers can become part of the [...]
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