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Taking Care of Your Health While Travelling

Taking Care of Your Health While Travelling

Although travelling is a wonderful experience and will keep your students in high spirits (most of the time!), it can take a big toll on their overall health, especially when you’re always on the go, experiencing new things, seeing new places and trying new food. Even the most extroverted person will start feeling a bit worn down and lethargic after a while.

When you’re constantly on the go, there are a few ways that your health can suffer, and we are going to address a few simple ways you can keep on top of your health. Check out after reading this article for more ideas.

#1: Sleep!

The most important thing you can do while traveling is to get plenty of good sleep. When you are constantly on the go, your body needs rest… a lot of it too. When you’re travelling, crossing time zones, carrying heavy luggage and just on your feet all the time, your body will quickly begin to wear down.

How much is enough sleep? It all depends on your body – listen to it and think about how you feel after a long walk or day of travelling. Although you want to experience as much as possible when travelling, it is still important to rest.

#2: Don’t Overdo It

When you are in a new place for only a short amount of time, it is very easy to overdo it and try and see absolutely everything. Avoid this. Pace yourself and go about things slowly and steadily; if you try to cram a whole city into a small schedule you are just going to wear yourself down and not appreciate the things you do see.

#3: Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget to take on plenty of water, especially when visiting a warmer climate. Have your students carry a water bottle with you everywhere and keep it filled up with fresh water. Even though you may need to visit the bathroom more often (which yes, is more difficult when travelling), it will do your body a lot of good and it will keep you feeling your best.

#4: Eat Healthier

Try and cut out as much sweet stuff as possible. Yes, we get that you are on your holidays, but healthier options will keep your body filled up with nutrients and you won’t be susceptible to sugar crashes, which will make you feel worse in the long-term. It’s all about moderation.

#5: Make Your Own Meals

Eating out each day isn’t healthy for you (or your bank balance) so you should try and make your own meals where possible. We’re not talking about cooking up a three-course meal in your hotel room, but making a few healthy sandwiches is definitely something you should be doing.

When on your student journey, it’s often too easy to let our bodies get into a bad state as we are constantly on the move, trying to fit in everything and anything into our schedules and generally eating badly. By making a few minor adjustments to your travel habits, you will feel much better and enjoy your travels more.