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Top 6 Student Destinations to Visit in the Winter

Top 6 Student Destinations to Visit in the Winter

Most students leave their real vacations until spring or summer because of the warm weather and opportunities for activities; however, winter doesn’t have to be all about hibernation and keeping warm. You can have just as much of a fun adventure during the winter months as you can during summer, especially in the off-season when prices are lower and there are fewer tourists around to contend with. If you are a student who is looking for some adventure before the year comes to an end, then here are some of the best locations in Europe, and worldwide, that can offer you a chance to escape from your studies and allow you to live a little.


Hamburg is a very affordable city to travel to for students, with easy access across Europe with the Interrail system, and a range of affordable accommodation options to choose from. If you’re looking for a low budget place to stay, there are plenty of hostels across the city, as well as Airbnb options and hotels. While it is traditionally a port town, Hamburg has an incredibly active nightlife, including bars, casinos and nightclubs. Hamburg also has a great selection of attractions including museums, churches and the promenade to walk around and discover.

Mexico City

While Mexico City has had somewhat of a reputation in the past, it is also known as a place of culture: it even holds the record for the most museums in a single city. The city is also an architectural goldmine and has become renowned for its art scene, becoming home to many artists, designers, and architects. The city is bursting with life, and from October to December, the climate is often mild and has a lot less rain than during the mid-year climate. Enjoy the perks of international car rental, and explore the city at your leisure!


There is so much more to Iceland than cold weather, and traveling to Reykjavik in the winter months means fewer tourists and lower accommodation prices when peak season prices would usually be outside of most student’s budgets. Iceland offers some fantastic scenery, picturesque hot springs and a relaxed atmosphere that is unique to this beautiful country. If you’re looking for a slice of luxury, you could take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, or if you want an out of this world experience, you can discover the wonder that is the Aurora Borealis. There is truly something for everyone in this diverse and aesthetically stunning country.


Berlin is truly a historic city, with an eclectic mix of old traditional architecture, and modern lifestyles. There are many solemn and important historical landmarks to visit in this city, but so too are there many more bars, restaurants and nightlife venues to explore. This beautiful and vast city truly comes to life in the winter months, as over the festive season there are more than sixty Christmas markets to choose from. Berlin also has its own Oktoberfest celebration, though alternatively you could choose to spend a few nights in Munich to really enjoy all that this celebration has to offer. Germany’s capital also benefits from a great arts scene, and many museums and galleries to visit.


Prague is one of those cities that changes with the seasons, and it is no less beautiful in the fall and winter months than any other time of year. During the winter, though the air holds a slight chill, there are far fewer tourists around, which makes the city much easier to appreciate. There is a range of activities for students in Prague, from exploring the old town to doing something out of the box like taking a walking Ghost Tour. If you’d prefer to do something more relaxed then why not go for a cruise along the river, visit the Jewish Quarter, or take the castle tour to soak up more of Prague’s unique history.


Amsterdam is a classic student destination, perfect for those who enjoy an eclectic mix of café culture and dazzling extroversion. There are many accommodation options to choose from, with hostels being a relatively inexpensive option for students. During the day, you can rent a bike and join the hundreds of others who travel around the city on two wheels, or take a boat tour and get to grips with the most prominent landmarks. Then at night, you can either explore the more X-rated attractions that Amsterdam is famous for or enjoy a relaxed evening of eating and drinking at one of the many cafes and restaurants around the city.