Group Travel Videos™ Connects Students, Faculty and Parents

Integrate your school community with this innovative photo-sharing app


As a parent, do you wish you could experience your child’s once-in-a-lifetime field trip? As login screenan educator, do you want to keep track of your pupils, have the ability to private message them, and share incredible images with the rest of the faculty and future groups? Students, do you want to send beautiful pictures to friends and family back home? Group Travel Videos™, an innovative app from PhotoVision, integrates all these needs into one package. Combining smartphone technology allows all members of a trip (teachers, students, chaperones) to PRIVATELY take, share and store photos all on with their mobile phones.  Users never have to provide a phone number or e-mail address.

Before their journey, participants can download the app on either their mobile device or tablet. Passwords ensure privacy for your students, and reminders from the app seamlessly integrate it with the rest of their phone interface. Users receive the option to join as an administrator, trip participant or well-wisher back home, which will lead to three different experiences.

Once they’ve logged on, students can immediately begin taking photographs through the appMapping screen and posting them on the account. If they’re traveling to Washington, D.C. for an important 8th grade trip, they can take pictures of famous landmarks such as the Washington Monument and upload them for fellow classmates to see. The photos can be posted across other social media like Instagram and Twitter, or downloaded onto the student’s phone and to be permanently saved. GPS tracking allows students to identify where they took the photos and locate their friends nearby with a maps screen.

Administrators and teachers also have the ability to take and share photos, and a surplus of features that ensure smooth and well-documented student travel experiences. The app’s GPS capabilities allow you to keep track of pupils as well as send a group message in case of an emergency or change of plans. In addition, a passenger list allows planners to keep track of group members on the platform, and a documents storage section can store itineraries, lesson plans and other documents.

For involved parents and guardians back home, they can enjoy their child’s progress in theMessage screen comfort of their own home. Being a group member grants them access to photos posted by the entire class and accompanying chaperones, and they can rest easy knowing their young scholar’s location. After the trip, you’ll receive  a storytelling DVD that compiles the best images of the student’s trip that can also be streamed on the app or website.

Student group travel is all about creating and preserving once-in-a-lifetime experiences. With PhotoVision’s Group Travel Videos™ app, you can truly capture and share these moments with everyone an educational trip can touch, from students and administrators to friends and family.