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To paraphrase noted raconteur Anthony Bourdain, “travel isn’t always pretty. Sometimes it hurts, but that’s okay. The journey changes you.”

Impressionable students, in particular, will find travel life-changing, which is why the 2024 edition of the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Field Trip Guide is an invaluable resource for teachers and student travel planners. Featuring a host of appealing destinations filled with trip planning advice, this guide offers a slew of ideas for your next student trip.

Whether you’re interested in art, culture, history or aquatic adventures (or perhaps all of the above), our guide has got you covered.

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State Field Trip Guides for Students

Yale University
Connecticut Field Trip Guide

American culture, art and science field trips are just the tip of the iceberg in Connecticut.

KNF Ship
Delaware Field Trip Guide

Students will enjoy historical and educational field trips through museums and group attractions in Delaware.

Maine Field Trip
Maine Field Trip Guide

Nature, history and art combine beautifully in Maine, so students and teachers alike will have no shortage of educational field trip ideas in this great state.

Antietam cannons
Maryland Field Trip Guide

Museums in Maryland and other educational attractions make this state a fun and memorable place for student field trips.

Springtime in Massachusetts
Massachusetts Field Trip Guide

The Bay State is well-rounded for school groups of any age or interest.

Fall foliage in New Hampshire
New Hampshire Field Trip Guide

Enriching experiences await students in beautiful Old New Hampshire.

Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium
New Jersey Field Trip Guide

A hub of history, art and science awaits students on fields trips in New Jersey

New York Field Trip Ideas
New York Field Trip Guide

There should be no shortage of field trip ideas for New York, which has plenty of educational experiences and museums to offer student groups of all ages.

Benjamin Franklin Museum guided tour
Pennsylvania Field Trip Guide

Industrial history and colonial heritage are abound in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island Field Trip Ideas
Rhode Island Field Trip Guide

Explore the Charm of the Ocean State through educational field trips for all ages and experience Rhode Island through fun and memorable field trip ideas.

Downtown Montpelier
Vermont Field Trip Guide

Academic and engaging experiences are abundant in Vermont.

Virginia field trip ideas
Virginia Field Trip Guide

There’s plenty of field trip ideas in history-cloaked Virginia for students of all ages to experience and enjoy, while also learning from the educational experiences.

Washington, D.C. Field Trip Guide

There’s plenty of history to learn about in Washington, D.C., especially with so many great educational field trip ideas and iconic locations to visit.

Explore Our Field Trip Options

This new Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Field Trip Guide is designed for middle school through high school teachers and student travel planners. Front-of-book sections provide inspiration and lend trip planning advice with destination ideas presented in a state-by-state format. Enjoy!

Field Trip Guide Features

Choosing and Hiring a Tour Guide
Student Field Trip Problems and Solutions

These tips can help you overcome certain obstacles that tend to occur for student field trips.

bigstock travel insurance D rendering
Field Trip Grants and Funding

Student field trips aren’t cheap, so this article has some information on grants to help afford student groups experience some travel

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Discover Philadelphia with this Itinerary for Student Travel

Philadelphia has plenty to offer students, with historic destinations, museums, and more so be sure to check out this Philadelphia itinerary.


Philadelphia field trip ideas
Celebrate A Seminal Moment in American History

Students can discover the vital role the U.S. Constitution played in our government’s formation through enthralling stories, historic documents and compelling evidence.

American Revolution
Inspiring War Stories, Enriching History and Interactive Exhibits

Take an epic field trip complete with historical replicas and first-hand accounts of life during the American Revolution.

National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland
The Crown Jewel of Baltimore City’s Inner Harbor is The Aquarium

Become scientific explorers and marine biologists at the National Aquarium in Baltimore where students can discover enigmatic sea creatures and intriguing natural curiosities.

National Museum of the U.S. Army field trip
The Presidential Places of Gettysburg

Discover the historic impact of Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt at Gettysburg.

National Museum of the U.S. Army field trip
Enjoy Group-friendly Interactive Exhibits at the National Museum of the U.S. Army

Step into the boots of U.S. Army soldiers at this immersive museum located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Seminary Ridge Museum
An Epic NYC Innovative Museum Inspiring Students and Educators

RiseNY combines a spectacular, soaring ride with museum-style galleries to celebrate the history of the Big Apple.

Seminary Ridge Museum
Experience the Historic S.S. John W. Brown WWII Ship

Student groups have the chance to travel back to 1944 and experience this historic ship

Seminary Ridge Museum
Independence Seaport Museum

Philadelphia’s Independence Seaport Museum is a great destination for student field trips

Seminary Ridge Museum
Cathedral of St. John the Divine

This beautiful cathedral gives student groups a chance to appreciate architecture

Seminary Ridge Museum
Without a Cue Productions Mystery Theater

Student groups looking for field trip ideas have a great option with mysteries for all ages

Seminary Ridge Museum
George Mason and Gunston Hall

Student groups can nurture civic awareness at these great destinations for field trips

Seminary Ridge Museum
Exploring the Museum of Modern Art

This museum is very popular with students and field trips groups, as there’s so much to explore

Seminary Ridge Museum
The Lessons of Gettysburg

A popular and historic destination has plenty of lessons for student field trips

Seminary Ridge Museum
Mystic Seaport Museum

The Mystic Seaport Museum is a popular destination for field trips thanks to the quality of exhibits and more

Seminary Ridge Museum
Visit Historic Fredericksburg

Student field trips groups will find Fredericksburg a popular destination with a lot to learn and experience

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