One of the best ways for students to learn is by traveling to a new destination and immersing themselves in the culture of that area. While many teachers think of travel abroad when they consider an educational student experience, there are plenty of opportunities stateside too. One of them is Philadelphia. Rich in culture and heritage, this city is home to the Declaration of Independence and offers a wealth of history touring options for visiting students.

If you are planning a student trip to Philadelphia, you are in for a treat. Philadelphia is one of the most ideal places to spend a good amount of time in particularly if you are a fan of history. The good thing about the city is the abundance of different historical places to see while walking the streets, browsing through buildings and stepping back to a time when the ideals and principles that make America great were founded.

Different Things To Do and See in Philadelphia:

Philadelphia Museum of Art

One of the first things that you must see when you arrive in Philly is the Museum of Art. This is the number one attraction in the city and for a good reason. Any student that appreciates amazing art would absolutely love this museum. Here you’ll find everything from medieval weaponry to some of the most famous pop art the nation has to offer. Many popular touring exhibits also make an appearance at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, so take a look at the calendar to see what is featured when your group arrives. If your students remember the Rocky movies, be sure to check out the steps leading to the east entrance and relive a famous movie scene that’s made its mark on modern society.

The Barnes Foundation

Another excellent student-friendly attraction is The Barnes Foundation. This museum is full of impressionist works that are beautifully displayed. Your group can even arrange a free audio tour guide to really help you focus on the highlights of the museum. Everything at this art museum is extremely well curated and very interesting including the renowned Picasso exhibit. This is a great place for any tourist, but specifically for students that are looking to see great artwork and learn more about history.

Eastern State Penitentiary

This is a very unique and exciting experience that teaches kids about history. It was once one of the most expensive to build and remains one of the most famous prisons in the world. This attraction has a solid audio tour that will last a good 30 minutes. With that being said, you could spend a lot more time here as there is a lot to see. The prison closed in 1971, which is hard to believe when you see the actual state it’s in today.

Credits: independence hall - Photo by Jeff Fusco for PHLCVB

Credits: independence hall – Photo by Jeff Fusco for PHLCVB

Independence Hall

No student trip to Philadelphia would be complete without a visit to Independence Hall. Students will take in a historic presentation and see the actual signed Declaration of Independence. The tour is somewhat short, but it does provide you with a good understanding of the history behind the Declaration of Independence. This is a great experience, especially for students of American history.

As you can see, Philadelphia is full of great things to go and see during a school trip. Be sure to check out all of the attractions listed above before planning a student trip to Philadelphia.

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