The Manta rollercoaster at SeaWorld Orlando.

The Manta rollercoaster at SeaWorld Orlando.

More people than ever are visiting Orlando, and with its unmatched theme park scene, unique attractions and family friendly atmosphere, it’s not hard to see why.

The experience your students will have traveling together and the memories they will make are sure to last a lifetime, whether they are performing after months of practice or just exploring a new place. But the experience becomes even more magical when you take them to a place like Orlando. From thrilling theme parks to delicious eateries to unique cultural experiences, there is never a dull moment in “The City Beautiful.”

Essential Tips & Advice

Why should student groups visit Orlando?

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World. credit

It’s no secret that Orlando is one of the best cities to visit the United States. In 2017, Orlando became the first U.S. city to surpass 70 million visitors with 72 million tourists, a four million increase from the previous year. To put that number in perspective, Orlando received over nine million more visitors than New York City and nearly 30 million more than Las Vegas. The ever-growing and changing environment of the “Theme Park Capital of the World” could have something to do with why so many people were attracted to the city in 2017 alone, as Orlando opened 20 new attractions.

Never the same experience twice in Orlando, tourists enjoy being some of the first people to ever visit a new attraction or ride on a new roller coaster, and we know your students will feel the same. Not only is Orlando a great place to experience new things, but it also offers great value, as the city was named the most affordable destination in the country by Forbes in 2016. Great deals can be found on the free Visit Orlando app to help travelers like you get the most for their money.

What Makes Orlando unique for student groups?

SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology

SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology. credit

Orlando isn’t just the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” it is a place for people to let their imaginations run wild. While everybody knows about the huge Orlando attractions like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, the city also offers a plethora of unique locations to give students an experience unlike any other. Unusual attractions like the largest skeleton museum in the country, an upside-down interactive science laboratory or a safe haven for some of the rarest creatures in the world will provide your students with hours of educational fun.

The city also offers a number of cultural experiences from Broadway shows at the Dr. Phillip’s Center for the Performing Arts to breathtaking performances at the Orlando Ballet. When students would rather be the star than watch others perform, Orlando is the place to be, as it features performance venues unlike any other. Students can show off their talents among creatures of the deep at SeaWorld or march their way around castles at Walt Disney World.

The Rusty Spoon

The Rusty Spoon. credit

As you can see, nothing about Orlando is average, especially not their food. Students will get a taste for delicious local favorites from southern classics to fresh seafood or broaden their palates at the largest and most traditional Brazilian restaurant in the United States. These restaurants not only have spacious seating and pleasing ambiance—they also feature vegetarian and gluten free choices in addition to a wide array of options to please even the pickiest eaters. After a full day of exploring all Orlando has to offer, your students will be excited to find that the hotels are just as beautiful and entertaining as the rest of the city with well-designed interiors, fun group activities and comfy beds. You will rest easy knowing that you gave your students a one of a kind experience and memories they will never forget.

When are the best times to travel to Orlando?

Orlando World Center Marriott

Orlando World Center Marriott. credit

With 233 sunny days a year, Orlando is a great place to visit year round without having to worry too much about the weather ruining your trip. However, the ideal time to visit “The City Beautiful” depends on your itinerary. If you want to beat the heat, your best chance is to visit Orlando between the months of November and May for moderate temperatures.

For those looking for a great deal on lodging and flights, we suggest visiting during the fall or spring to take advantage of the lower prices. This price drop is due to the majority of kids being in school during these seasons which keeps families from traveling together. Similarly, if you are looking to visit some of the more popular attractions in Orlando without being swallowed up by crowds, we also suggest planning your trip for the fall or spring when tourism is lower.