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5 Destinations for an Educational Student Trip

5 Destinations for an Educational Student Trip

It’s hard to put a value on the experience a student gets from an educational student trip. Not only do these trips give students the opportunity to experience another culture but they also help to bring their studies to life. Whether it’s the Colosseum in Rome, the Globe Theatre in London, or the New York Stock Exchange or the literally thousands of educational student travel opportunities closer to home, they can all be woven into an unforgettable trip. Here’s five major educational student travel destinations that may appeal to your group.

Hawaii – Geography Trip

Hawaii might be paradise on Earth, but it’s also a place packed with educational opportunities. Hawaii has some of the most diverse flora and fauna on the planet coupled with a unique geographical environment that is sure to stimulate a love of geography for years to come. Not many people can say they’ve visited an active volcano but that’s exactly what students can do when they take this trip.

European History Tour – WW1 and WW2

World War 1 and World War 2 perhaps shaped the world’s recent history as much as any other events. They are a staple of any history curriculum no matter what country you’re in and are events that should never be forgotten. One way to keep the memory of these events alive is to learn lessons from them is through educational student tours in countries like France, Belgium, Poland, and Germany.

For history enthusiasts, these trips are obviously interesting, but even students with a limited enthusiasm for history can’t help but be moved by these stories.

Italy – Food Technology

Italy is a must visit destinations for any foodie. A trip to visit this gastronomical leader is sure to encourage a love of food and cooking that can turn into a life-long source of pleasure and even a career. Sample the street food, learn how to make gnocchi and perfect your pizza making all in one fun, education trip.

UK – Literature Tour

For those students with a love of literature, the UK is an ideal destination. With famous names such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Jane Austin, and the Bronte sisters all hailing from these islands, the UK represents the book worm’s dream education tour.

Noteworthy locations include Stratford-Upon-Avon, London, Oxford, Bath, and Cambridge as you follow in the footsteps of literary geniuses of the past. Of course, the UK isn’t just about literature, and there’s also plenty of history to be taken in along the way.

What better way to celebrate literature than to take in a play at London’s Globe Theatre?

Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia – Civil Rights Tour

If it’s the more recent history you’re interested in, then the USA is the place to visit. Follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr and learn about the Civil Rights Movement. From the slave trade through the Civil War and into the Civil Rights Movement there is so much to be learned about the struggle for civil rights. This trip is an amazing opportunity to learn about political struggles that have taken place in the not too distant past.