Brain boosters and puzzles have been around for centuries — we’re talking since Biblical times. They’re great activities to do by yourself or with others. Whichever way you prefer to do them, puzzles give your brain a serious workout.

Brainbusters like escape room and brain game mobile apps have become popular in recent years. Do these activities actually help boost your brainpower? Keep reading to find out how challenging brain teasers can benefit you!

1. Challenging Brain Teasers Improve Your Memory

Like the old adage says: your memory is the first to go. However, you can keep it in tip-top shape with brain games and puzzles. How exactly does it improve memory? Well, it reinforces the connection between your brain cells which results in a sharper short-term memory.

When you play brain games, you’re constantly having to remember shapes and patterns — this strengthens memory. Also, studies show that playing challenging brain teasers improve overall cognitive function and can even reduce brain damage in those with Alzheimer’s.

2. Brain Games Work Both Sides of Your Brain

If you’re not aware, the brain has two sides: right and left. The left side of your brain is said to be responsible for analytical and logical thinking while the right side controls creativity.

When you do challenging brain teasers like escape room or puzzles, you’re working both sides of your brain. This results in improved logic skills and creativity.

3. Improved Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are essential in life. Brainbusters are a great way to hone these skills and improve them.

Brainbusters are constantly challenging you to come up with new solutions to a variety of problems which gives you the perfect opportunity to flex your critical thinking skills!

4. Brain Teasers Increase Your Mood

A less known benefit of brain teasers is that they improve your mood. Games like puzzles and escape room increase the production of dopamine — the chemical in the brain that regulates mood.
After you successfully complete a challenging brain teaser, this releases that chemical and makes you feel happier!

5. They Lower Your Stress Levels

Completing puzzles has a therapeutic effect on our minds. Concentrating on one task allows our brain cells to relax — resulting in reduced stress. This is another reason why brain games are great for your mental health!

6. Puzzles Improve Spatial Reasoning

Do you have a poor sense of direction and get lost easily? Incorporating puzzles into your daily life may help.

Challenging brain teasers help improve visual and spatial reasoning which helps improve your navigational and driving skills.

7. Brain Games Improve Your IQ

Since brainbusters improve your logic, problem-solving, concentration and spatial reasoning, it’s obvious that it increases your IQ as well.

A study done by the University of Michigan found that doing challenging brain teasers for at least 25 minutes a day can improve your IQ by 4 points.

Give Your Brain the Workout It Craves.

Who knew something fun could be so beneficial?

Now that you know how challenging brain teasers can improve your mental health and cognitive function, it’s wise to incorporate solving puzzles into your daily life!