What needs to happen 30 days prior?

The date is circled on the calendar and it’s coming up quickly. What seemed like forever when you reserved space is not breathing down your neck. Or so it seems. Thirty days prior to departure shouldn’t be a cause for stress. So take a deep breath and following these 7 tips.

1)      Schedule a final meeting with your students and parents to confirm trip details. Go over packing lists, expected weather, and field questions from anxiety-ridden parents.

2)      Ensure everyone is aware, both verbally and written of your school’s policies and procedures regarding conduct, disciplinary procedures and emergency contingency plans.

3)      Communicate with everyone about spending money and arrival and departure times, both in writing and verbally.

4)      Get an emergency contact list from your students and chaperones , along with medial and allergy information. Communicate with any included meal stops any special dietary needs.

5)      Make sure parent have a full itinerary along with contact information should they need to reach you or their child while on the road.

6)      For overseas travel, ask for a copy of everyone’s passport – ensure it doesn’t expire within 30 days of return.

7)      Create a printable don’t leave home list for everyone with the above mentioned items.

Armed with these 7 tips, you’re ready to conquer your next student group trip!