Are you planning a ski trip on a tight budget? With the right strategy, it’s possible! Try using these best ways to save money on a ski trip as you plan.

When you’re planning a trip for a group of students, it’s important to keep it affordable enough that everyone has the option of going. This can be a difficult feat if you’re planning a type of trip that is usually on the expensive side, such as a ski trip. To help you keep the price manageable, here are some of the best ways to save money on a ski trip.

Book Early

The saving starts before you even set out on your trip—book early! Plane tickets, lift tickets, lodging, and equipment—you’re far more likely to get a good deal on each of these if you book them far in advance of your trip. Many early booking deals will expire a good while before the date of your trip, so be sure to get on those first thing when you start planning.

Pick the Right Season

When planning your ski trip, it’s also important to consider the season or month during which you’ll be going. Obviously, you’ll need to plan your trip during a time of year when there’s still snow at the ski resorts, but depending on the month you choose, you can save a lot of money. If you’re on a budget, avoid holidays, which are the busiest times of ski season. Early and late season rates are often lowest, so try scheduling your trip in November or April rather than December to March for a lower price.

Choose Off-Slope Lodgings

When booking your lodgings, you’ll notice that you have two main options: a ski-in, ski-out location that’s located on the slope of your ski resort, or a lodging that is located slightly further from the slopes and your resort. While ski-in, ski-out lodgings can be very convenient, they’re usually much more expensive than lodging places just a bit farther from the slopes. Save some cash and experience a bit more of town by booking away from the slopes.

Bring Your Own Food

If you’ve ever eaten out for an entire vacation, you know how the prices can add up. At an expensive ski resort, the same principle applies. To keep the cost of food down on your trip, bring along your own food. If your trip is a longer one, consider booking a lodging with a kitchen so that you can prepare your own meals and inexpensively feed your entire group.

For your next trip, keep these best ways to save money on a ski trip in mind. You can still have an amazing ski trip on a tighter budget, and everyone on your trip will be happy to have been saved the extra expenses.