Theatre etiquette is important, especially when attending a show on Broadway

Broadway is a special world that enchants with grand performances, elaborate sets, and an exclusive aura. If you’re planning to visit NYC and treat yourself to a Broadway show, we’re here to provide some guidance and share insights regarding theatre etiquette. Being prepared for such an event as a Broadway show heightens the overall experience. From knowing the right time to arrive to understanding the dress code, the duration of the show, and more, keep reading for what to expect when you arrive at the Great White Way.

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Broadway’s Winter of 2024:

In 2024, Broadway calls for an extraordinary journey with a selection of phenomenal shows. Broadway’s roster showcases a lineup of musicals, each narrating a unique tale, filled with mind-blowing performances, and packed with talent that’s celebrated worldwide. Be ready to indulge in a theatrical experience like never before.

Straight from the enchanting pages of Sara Gruen’s international best-seller, Water for Elephants is set to take the Broadway stage by storm in 2024 under the careful lead of director Jessica Stone (Kimberly Akimbo), and with a book by Rick Elice (Jersey Boys, Peter and the Starcatcher). This is not simply a show but rather an extraordinary journey of love, courage, and redemption waiting to unfold right before your eyes.

Seen through the eyes of his older self, a young man jumps on a moving train to lose his old life with its painful memories and find a new home with the remarkable crew of a traveling circus. It’s a story of finding life purpose and love in the unlikeliest of places. The main character’s adventure becomes a reminder that if you choose the ride, life can begin again at any age, anywhere.

Suffs is an engaging and thought-provoking portrayal of a significant moment in the history of women’s civil rights. This is more than just a show but a tribute to the unyielding spirit of women who fought tooth and nail for their right to vote. Originally developed and produced at The Public Theater, Suffs has garnered massive acclaim for its tight narrative, powerful performance, and its approach to a critical topic.

So much has changed since the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment over a century ago, and this musical is here to remind us that sometimes we need to look back in order to march fearlessly into the future. Written by Shaina Taub, directed by Leigh Silverman, and produced by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Malala Yousafzai, among others, this show is a must-watch and recommended for ages 13+.

Following the gripping life narrative of Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka, Lempicka is set to make its Broadway debut in 2024. Transport yourself into the heart of the political turmoil of the 1920s and witness the rise of an icon. Lempicka is a tale of passion and the thrilling pursuit of artistic truth against all odds. This musical sweeps us into a world of lust and danger, a world where a woman caught between two worlds must find her own path. The show’s outstanding pop-infused score compellingly adds to the emotional resonance of the piece, assuring it a place in the audience’s hearts. The production is designed to contest your sensibilities and intrigue your intellect. With a running time of 2 hours and 50 minutes, including intermission, the show opens on March 19th, 2024.

Whether you’re a solo attendee or planning to make it a group activity, Broadway caters to all. Just remember, children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

Broadway tickets and when to arrive

Your Broadway experience explained

New York’s Theatre District is more than just a collection of stunning venues – it’s a celebration of the beauty and power of live art.

Walking into one of the grand theatres on Broadway is to immerse yourself in an atmosphere that is pulsating with a unique kind of energy. An energy that sets the stage for what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable journey. Once the curtain lifts, expect to be captivated by the alchemy of the dazzling lights, elaborate set pieces, and meticulously designed costumes.

The performances themselves are an exhibition of bringing imaginative worlds to life. Be prepared to be whisked away into these realities, leaving a memorable impression that will stay with you long after you’ve exited the theatre doors. The magic that awaits you at Broadway is unmatched and truly has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Broadway is synonymous with an international magnet for memorable trips and rendezvous. Hailing from every corner of the earth, visitors find themselves drawn to the parade of performances. If you’re a musical lover or just seeking an evening’s entertainment and decided to try something new, Broadway has a production for everyone that’s crafted to bring you a unique blend of joy.

How early should you show up for a Broadway show & to pick up tickets?

For an optimal amount of time before the show, make it a point to get to the theatre at least 30 minutes prior to curtain. That window of time is enough to locate your seats, take a quick restroom break, and get comfortable before the spectacle starts.

Picking up tickets at the box office? Plan to come in earlier so you can enjoy every moment of your Broadway performance without feeling rushed.

How long are most Broadway shows?

The typical duration for a Broadway show is about 2 hours and 30 minutes; this time frame includes a brief 15-minute break. This span provides audiences with plenty of room to soak up the essence of the narrative and the unique aura of live theatre to its maximum. However, bear in mind that this duration isn’t cast in stone – slight variations can occur from show to show. Nevertheless, the average runtime offers a handy guide to map out your Broadway day or evening.

MJ musical on Broadway in NY

MJ musical on Broadway in NY

What should you wear to a NY Broadway show?

There aren’t any strict dress regulations for Broadway shows; nonetheless, most attendees appreciate the chance to spruce up their look. A more elegant outfit than daily wear could be suitable, contributing to the energy of the event and demonstrating admiration for the artists and their craft.

Phones, photography and video at Broadway shows:

We encourage everyone to immerse themselves fully in the wonder of musicals. To ensure that this experience is as enjoyable as possible for everyone present, we’d like to share some important considerations about the use of phones and photography.

Keep in mind that it is crucial to switch off or silence your phone throughout the performance. Engaging with your phone, whether by texting or snapping pictures, is not permitted, as it not only distracts the performers but also disrupts the experience for others.

Savor your Broadway show in the moment. Of course, you’ll want to keep memories of this special occasion – and you can! Allocate your photo-taking and sharing for times before and after the show or during the intermission when it won’t be a nuisance to others. Let’s remember that creating a respectful and enjoyable atmosphere for all is part of the whole Broadway experience.

Broadway norms to help everyone enjoy their show

Norms of respect & engagement

Partaking in the Broadway experience requires mutual respect and mindfulness between performers and spectators. The magic of Broadway springs from the collective efforts of the audience to create an ambiance free of disturbances. Too much movement, chattering, or even murmuring can affect what could have been a magical experience both for yourself and others around you, as well as for the actors who have poured their energy and talent into the performance.

It’s worth noting that the artists on stage dedicate their passion and skill to providing the best performance possible. Therefore, it’s essential not to distract or hinder them in any way. By engrossing yourself in the show and maintaining an engaged and respectful demeanor, you not only heighten your own experience but contribute to the electrifying ambiance that makes Broadway truly special.

Can I bring outside food and beverages at a Broadway show?

Broadway venues typically have concession stands or nearby establishments where you can purchase snacks and drinks to enjoy before the show or during intermission.

With Broadway, you momentarily become an integral part of New York’s vibrant theatrical scene. Every show offers an exclusive experience, so it’s wise to go through any specific guidelines or recommendations associated with the chosen performance or provided by your ticketing liaison. Gear your excitement for the level of entertainment you can’t find anywhere else other than the legendary stages of Broadway in New York.

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