New York City is a haven for educators looking to offer their students unparalleled opportunities and experiences. Museums and historic sites, music and culture, and food options from nearly every country in the world – it’s impossible not to find a chance to help young minds discover something new in one of the greatest cities on earth.

Set on famous Coney Island in the New York borough of Brooklyn and dating back to 1903, Luna Park truly set the stage for other amusements. Even more than 100 years after its opening, it is still an American icon where people of all ages come to laugh, play, and learn. Student groups large and small are welcome, and in addition to unlimited ride passes there are many ways that groups can create a customized visit. So whether it’s using the power of roller coasters to discuss the laws of physics, arcade games used to explain the rules of chance, or century-old rides and attractions to help expand on New York City’s history – the opportunities to create an exceptional learning experience at Luna Park are truly endless.

Luna Park Rides and Attractions are Second-to-None

Brooklyn Flyer Luna Park

Brooklyn Flyer Luna Park

Bringing a group to an amusement park may seem risky – everyone has different levels of comfort when it comes to thrill rides and attractions. But at Luna Park there are in fact hundreds of rides and attractions so you can be sure there is something for everyone. From tame to extreme, it’s all here at Luna Park. And whether or not students choose to ride some of the park’s most intense offerings, there are opportunities to use these as educational opportunities from the comfort of the ground, too. Physics, technology, engineering and history are all on display at Luna Park.

Arguably the most famous of the park’s rides, the Cyclone is considered to be the mother of the American roller coaster and is still one of the most popular rides at Coney Island even 91 years after it first opened. Other adrenaline-pumping favorites include the Slingshot, Thunderbolt, and Soarin’ Eagle, just to name a few. Another park favorite is the classic B&B Carousel, built over 110 years ago and now one of the oldest carousels still in existence. For those looking for similarly tame ride options, check out the Seaside Swing, Magic Bikes or Tea Party. And don’t forget – there is so much more to Luna Park beyond the rides. Hit up the arcade, chow down on some local fare at one on many dining options (both sit-down and fast food), or stroll along the historic boardwalk while talking in views of the ocean. Of course, this is just a selection of all that there is to ride, see and do at Luna Park. No matter the age and interests of your group, you are sure to find the perfect selection of attractions to make your visit one to remember.

Just this season Luna Park opened three new rides – and as you’ll read below, there are even more to come. Astro Tower is a 137-foot tower that offers riders breathtaking views of Coney Island and beyond; Cozmo Jet is an interactive gaming ride perfect for those gamers in your group; and the Coney Clipper brings in the traditional pirate ride for a thrilling experience.

Luna Park: Opportunities for Learning at Every Turn!

Cyclone Luna Park

Cyclone Luna Park

More than just a day at the beach (Coney Island Beach, that is), Luna Park can be a one-of-a-kind educational experience that offers students insights into major key concepts that they learn about in school – from physics and engineering to history and culture.

The park currently offers two programs focusing on STEM and History that allow educators to maximize their visit to Luna Park and use everything around them to engage curious minds. What better way to delve deeper into engineering than to ride a 90+-year-old coaster or carousel? Seeing these engineering marvels at work is truly fascinating for all ages. The park has developed a quiz that that focuses on STEM principles and can be completed by watching or riding the roller coasters. The program is adaptable to five New York Core Curriculum levels ranging from third grade to college level.

It’s truly a unique experience to see old and new intertwined together – where students can ride on a carousel horse from 1903 right in the shadow of a coaster built just four years ago. Educators have the option of booking a historic Coney Island walking tour or a side show.

Future Park Expansion

In addition to the 50 rides and attractions within the park, there are plans underway for a major park expansion set to take place in 2020 and beyond. Visitors of all ages can expect a plethora of added thrills on a log flume ride and inside the adventure park, while a public plaza, new outdoor food options and an arcade are sure to offer more space for fun memories and more educational opportunities than ever before.