As you already know, students can benefit from visiting new places at any age. If you’re looking forward to your upcoming adventure abroad with your class, we encourage you to reference our favorite ways students can explore new cities below before you depart.

Check Out the Cuisine

You’ll have to eat on your travels—and fortunately, many cities are known specifically for their amazing food. That’s why you should really savor the foods your destination offers. The dishes the city offers are different from what you can eat at home, so encourage your students to snack on something new. They’ll remember what they ate for years to come!

Embrace Technology

Technology is a huge part of how we interact, so why not use it to enhance your experience in a new place? Consult social media to familiarize yourself with landmarks, restaurants, and events happening in the area. Travel apps can also help, as they offer plenty of recommendations for both solo travelers and large school groups.

Let the Locals Lead You

Of course, residents will know more about their cities than visitors. For this reason, once you arrive at your destination, it’s best to meet up with a knowledgeable guide. They’ll likely be more than happy to show you and your students around!

You also have plenty of ways to learn more about your destination. You can complete a walking tour, or you can take a boat or bus tour through town. Whichever experience you choose, your class will gain a host of knowledge.

Take Public Transportation

Fortunately, most metropolitan areas offer abundant methods to get around town. If your class prefers sightseeing on their own, consider utilizing public transportation. There are numerous ways students can explore new cities, and buses and trains make it fairly easy to visit various beloved attractions. If you want to see the streets in a unique way, consider renting bikes or segways.

Make Connections

When some people travel, they fear approaching complete strangers. However, there’s no need to feel afraid—many folks are eager to share their affinity for the town they live in. They’ll likely provide you with suggestions for where to take your class and what to do. Who knows, you may even develop a friendship with somebody new!