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Experience Living History in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Experience Living History in the Mid-Atlantic Region

There are many opportunities to experience history that are awaiting students in the Mid-Atlantic Region. 

Students who are looking to tour cool sites that explore living history and heritage have a multitude of options in the Mid-Atlantic region. From New York Museums to Virginia’s famous Historic Triangle, there’s a wide variety of options for interested student groups to visit and explore. 

Fraunces Tavern Museum, New York City

Fraunces Tavern Museum Photo Credit

The Fraunces Tavern Museum in New York brings the Revolution to life with hands-on learning opportunities for students. Sharing a wide variety of educational programs for students of all ages, the museum offers classrooms a hands-on approach to discovering New York’s revolutionary past.  

Students can explore the museum’s current exhibitions that recognize the significance of the tavern through the American Revolution and beyond. Exhibits such as the ”Adeline Moses Loeb Gallery” display artifacts and details of the traitor Benedict Arnold, while the exhibit ‘The Long Room” is a re-creation of an 18th century public dining room where George Washington gave his famous farewell speech at the end of the American Revolution. Student groups will enjoy touring all of the live historical opportunities that the Fraunces Tavern Museum offers. 

Women’s Rights National Historical Park, Senaca Falls

Women’s Rights National Historical Park Photo Credit

An important part of history is captured in the Women’s Rights National Historical Park, which recognizes the timeline and achievements that came out of the efforts of women’s rights leaders, abolitionists and other 19th century reformers. Students that visit this historical park will love the group tours and field trip options that take groups around the exhibits and give historical insight. The park offers options for classroom groups of all ages and also holds education programs for students. 

Liberty Bell, Philadelphia 

Visit the famous Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania, widely known for its iconic crack and symbolism of liberty. Visitors can see the famous bell that was cracked on the very first ring and was inscribed by abolitionists and women’s suffrage and Civil Rights advocates. 

Visitors get to tour the Liberty Bell Center, where exhibits range from the founding of the State House Bell (now called the Liberty Bell) to the bell’s use by abolitionists and advocates for women’s suffrage.

Virginia’s Historic Triangle: Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg

Jamestown  Photo Credit

Virginia’s Historic Triangle appeals to anyone looking for an entertaining look into the rich history of the state of Virginia. Historic Jamestown is a recreation site of the first permanent English Settlement. Visitors can feel like they are a part of history at the Jamestown Settlement, where they can enjoy the museum, captivating galleries, outdoor recreation areas such as Powhatan Indian village and three large original English ships that first arrived in America.  

Yorktown Battlefield is famous for being the last battlefield of the American Revolutionary War. Students can enjoy seeing where the winning battle against the British army took place and learn about what it took for the United States to win its independence from Great Britain back in 1781. The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown gives students exhibits, outdoor living history and films that bring the history of the site to life. 

Jamestown Settlement Interactive Element; Photo Credit Visit Williamsburg

The nation’s biggest living history museum is Colonial Williamsburg. The entirety of the colonial town of Williamsburg stays in character 24 hours a day. This makes visitor experiences feel incredibly immersive as the 18th century lifestyle is brought back to life at this popular historical destination. 

The Kalmar Nyckel, Delaware 

The Kalmar Nyckel in Wilmington preserves and showcases the cultural heritage of Delaware and the Delaware Valley. The original Kalmar Nyckel was one of America’s pioneering colonial ships. The company built, owns and operates the Tall Ship of Delaware, named the Kalmar Nyckel. Today, the old-fashioned-looking ship is utilized for inspiration and education. Students can go on the ship for their educational resources and for the great fun that the ship offers. Classrooms of all ages can enjoy the educational opportunities that the Kalmar Nyckel offers both at sea and on land. 

Kalmar Nyckel; Credit Kalmar Nyckel Foundation

These locations are all capable of giving students opportunities to see living history. With everything to museums, historical battle sights, artifacts and more, these memorable locations give student visitors a memorable educational experience that doesn’t hold back on uniqueness and fun.