If you are a teacher thinking about organizing a group trip for your students, before you take the first step, ask yourself these four questions:

1)      What do I want my students to take away from this trip? It is educationally themed such a as a trip to my state capital or Washington DC? A performance-based trip where we are going to play or sing? Or maybe a fun trip where we are going to blow off steam? The coordination efforts differ greatly from one to the other.

2)      How will I be able to relate this trip to my class curriculum? Studies show that tying in a student trip to every day class studies can enhance the learning experience, both before the tour, and provide a deeper travel experience.

3)      What destinations fit my needs? Time and money are the biggest considerations. London might be on the wish list, but Columbus, Ohio might be the reality check.

4)      Who am I doing this for? Is this trip really for my student’s enrichment, or am I being offered a free trip and need to get out of the classroom for a few days?

Start the process by answering these four questions and you will be ready to begin planning your student trip.

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