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Fun and Educational Activities for Wildlife Lovers

Fun and Educational Activities for Wildlife Lovers

The wildlife roaming the United States are as diverse and as interesting as its people. Students often enjoy a chance to observe animals in their natural habitats and to learn more about them. Take advantage of their thirst for knowledge with these educational activities for wildlife lovers.


Falconry is the age-old process of training birds of prey to hunt and gather food. With trust at the center of this relationship, the bond between these birds and their handlers is a sight to behold. Watching experienced falconers also provides students with a deeper understanding of these birds and their essential role in the ecosystem.

Swamp Tours

The swamplands of the United States provide some of the most diverse habitats on the globe. They offer ample opportunities for students to learn and explore a new environment. Swamp tour visitors can expect to see a series of different animals—from fish and birds to reptiles and mammals. You can also expect experienced tour guides to take effective safety precautions so that every visitor has a great time.

Nature Park Hikes

Whether you head to Yellowstone or take a trip to a lesser-known refuge, hikes along nature reserves provide a great way to come face-to-face with the local wildlife. As they walk along the trails, student’s will view these animals in their natural habitat and will learn what makes each species unique. In watching animals interact with each other, students will also gain a better understanding of how certain species relate to one another.

Sanctuary Visits

If you want to expose your students to animals they can’t find in their backyard, consider setting up a visit to a local wildlife sanctuary. These facilities act as the home for species nearing extinction, and they aim to protect these animals and educate the public on their significance to the food chain. Take a walk around one of these sanctuaries for a day, and your students can use their newfound knowledge as an agent for change.

Conservation Efforts

Wildlife conservation efforts happen all over the country, which makes them a great opportunity to educate your students and get them involved. All run in different ways, and they offer unique conditions to learn about the environment and how each student can help make a difference.