Keep reading for get paid to travel: 7 travel jobs you can apply for right now.

Paris. Thailand. Australia. Fiji. Are these dreams of yours that feel out of reach?

Foreign adventure may be on your “someday” list. But they can now be your reality!

Did you know that some jobs (yes, PAYING jobs!) take you around the world? Getting paid to travel is a dream job for many. But what travel jobs can you apply for right now?

We’ve compiled a list of seven jobs that pay you to travel. Keep reading and start crossing off your bucket list!

1.Flight Attendant

Ever wondered if your flight attendant got to get off the plane at the destination and explore? Well, they usually do, depending on their schedule!

Flight attendants travel across the country and world while getting paid. They also fly FREE with their airline when they’re off-duty. Many flight companies even allow them a free plus-one as well.

2.Traveling Medical Professional

Many organizations hire medical professionals to work in another state or country for weeks or even months. You can help with procedures, hygiene, or education.

Traveling nurses can also travel while staying closer to home. Apply to be a home care or hospice nurse.

3.English Teacher

Teaching English as a second language can take you anywhere you want to go. From schools in the US all the way to China! English teachers are needed everywhere.

With some simple but diligent training, you can apply today to travel to a foreign country to teach English. In jobs like this, you’ll probably be paid online. Check out for more info.

4.Cruise Ship Employee

Cruise ships require hundreds of employees. Chefs, waiters, cleaners, even performers.

Salaries vary depending on position and cruise line, but all employees still cruise for FREE. And get paid doing it!

If you’re a performer and love to travel, consider auditioning for a cruise line show. It’s the best of both worlds.


Geological work takes its specialists from the deepest caves to the highest mountains. They work in excavated sites and on top of volcanoes.

If you love the outdoors, exercise, and experiencing the coolest parts of the world, geology may be for you. It’s more than just rocks!


Can you fix or build just about anything? Then you’re needed everywhere!

Organizations are always looking for carpenters and builders to help lead building efforts in foreign countries. The goal can be something as simple as a chicken coop or as complex as a school.


If you’re a talented photographer, you can get paid to attend destination weddings. People fly their favorite photographer overseas for their special day all the time.

Not only do they pay for your flight and lodgings, but you also get paid your normal rates to be there! You can become a traveling photographer today and start seeing the world.

Travel Jobs That Can Show You the World

Making money while traveling the world may sound like a job only one lucky person in a million can land. But YOU can get in on the dream too!

If you’re a student who loves travel, meeting new people, learning about different cultures, and experiencing new languages, this is the path for you. Travel jobs are available today.

Safe travels!