Anyone who’s ever been involved in organizing a student trip knows that these adventures don’t just happen—they take hours and hours of planning. Keeping up with all the details can be overwhelming.

Since hotels make up a disproportionately large share of the trip price, landing a good hotel at the best rates is a top priority with any group planner. Drawing on the expertise of trip leaders and tour operators, our editors have compiled a compendium of pithy tips for navigating the choppy seas of hotel planning.

Negotiating with Hotels for Student Group Rates

hotel-icon-has-secure-storage-in-room-7683If you are not working with a tour operator, you will need to negotiate directly with the hotel sales department to get the best deal for your group. You’ll rest more comfortably by following these tips:

  • Be prepared to provide the sales department with the approximate number of sleeping rooms needed, the types of rooms needed, and the dates you want
  • Book early to ensure your preferred dates and save money, and avoid national holidays unless your trip is based around it
  • Find out if there are certain dates and times when rates are the lowest
  • Ask if free breakfast is included and whether it is continental, buffet or a full hot breakfast
  • Inquire about the hotel’s comp policy–free rooms provided for every so many reservations
  • Determine if the room rate includes all taxes, tips and hotel/resort fees
  • Ask about free meeting/party rooms and welcome receptions
  • Find out if there is free internet access
  • Inquire if the hotel has been used by other student groups
  • What special perks are available for student groups?  Be prepared with a wish list of extra benefits you would like to be provided for your group − you may be surprised what you can get just by asking
  • Don’t select a hotel just because it offers the lowest price − quality may be compromised
  • Use technology to your advantage; websites like allow you to post your group request and multiple hotels will bid on your business

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you know the following:

  • Be aware of the last day to cancel without losing money
  • Know the deposit and final payment date
  • Find out if the hotel has an attrition clause on unused rooms
  • Get everything in writing, from total price to number of rooms to the smallest promised service
  • Research the safety of the neighborhood where the hotel is located using websites like
  • Investigate the distance from the central city or major attractions using sites like
  • Inquire about the hotel’s security program. Inquire about airport/mall transportation – if you have long days on the bus, this will help out the driver immensely

Hotel Disciplinary Matters for Students

do-not-disturbKids can act up and get into trouble, especially during down time at the hotel after a long day of sightseeing. It probably won’t happen in your group, but here are some guidelines to follow just in case:

  • Create an instruction handout for students detailing all expectations including curfew, free time, alcohol/drug policies, etc
  • Conduct a brief meeting that re-emphasizes appropriate hotel behavior and inform students of the possible consequences if they do not follow rules
  • Make sure each student has a hotel business card in case they get lost (most common excuse for those who broke curfew!)
  • Announce where the daily itinerary will be posted in the hotel lobby
  • Advise against using hotel telephone service
  • Make sure all mini bars that cannot be locked are divested of alcohol
  • Enforce the rules! If students realize that their actions will not be followed with consequences, they may attempt to see how far they can bend the rules

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