Follow these four tips to ensure a smooth journey for your group

When you’ve been through so many years of family vacations, it’s understandable that you might be craving the independence of a trip with your friends. Indeed, after working hard at school or college, and quickly gaining the independence to drive, you’re ready for the go-ahead to take a trip with your buddies. But you need to be responsible – and to organize your trip well so that you’re not left without a bed for the night, or struggling to find transport to your next destination. So read on to discover how to plan the perfect trip with your friends this year.

Get Discussing

Get your group of friends together long before you expect to travel, and have them discuss the destinations that most excite and intrigue them. Do they want to go across the country, or would they prefer to head to another country entirely? Would the prefer to travel on the roads, or in the skies? When you’ve come down on some answers, you’ll be able to look at prices in order to see what fits with everyone’s budget. Eventually, you’ll find a destination that suits you – and it’ll be time to book.

Making Bookings

Because your group of friends may be fairly large, you’ll all be booking individually. As such, you need to make sure that you’re heading on flights, and that you’re staying in hotels, that match the capacity that you need. There’s no use in booking a flight to leave on your trip that your other friends cannot get onto. You should also make sure you’re able to get to and from the airport easily; using parking reservation websites like will help you get yourself organized in this respect.

Activities and Outings

Your friends likely have a diverse range of interests. They might be excited to go to the beach and to spend some time topping up on their tans, or they may be more intrigued by the food on offer in your chosen destination. You may be arriving in a location dripping with cultural delights, or it may be a place where you’ll have incredible access to theme parks and water parks. Whatever you think you’ll get up to, look for deals, coupons, and early bird tickets in order to save money and to book yourselves into the activities and outings that you’re all keenly excited to enjoy.


One of the biggest disasters to happen while you’re out on vacation is that you run out of cash. The same can be said for all of your friends, who may be left in a sticky situation if they cannot pay for their travels once they’ve flown to your chosen destination. It’s important that you have the cash you need to eat, sleep and play well on your trip – and working to get this cash together, or asking for a little loan from your family, can help you ensure you’re financially stable for your exciting trip with friends.

Fly away with your closest friends, peaceful in the knowledge that you’ve planned all you need to plan, by bearing in mind the key four tips outlined above.