Jassby provides solutions for the student travel money game

As long as student travel has been in existence, cash has been king. If you’ve been in the business for any length of time, you’ve heard the horror stories of student trip planners walking down the street with suitcases full of cash or having to separate bills into piles with paper clips holding each allotment together. Then there were the tales of last-minute changes or additions that required more cash or kids losing that precious $20 bill they had for lunch. Cash definitely didn’t make student travel easy, but options were limited. It was hard to issue credit cards to kids and vouchers created other issues.

But there weren’t any better available options… until now.

Jassby Debit Card for Students

Since 2017, Jassby has been working in financial literacy. Helping kids learn valuable lessons about money — and how to manage it — is at the core of their DNA. The Jassby Debit Card, whether a digital card, a mobile wallet or a physical debit card, provides kids with financial freedom while providing parents with peace of mind. With Jassby, kids have access only to the funds that parents add to their account. The card is accepted wherever Mastercard® is accepted and may be used online and in-person, at retailers accepting contactless payments.

Debit Card Safety with Students

Additionally, parents can easily monitor spending, track purchases and get notified when their kids use their card. Jassby is an excellent tool for teens to develop financial transparency with their parents. Parents get alerts in real time, so they know where their kids are spending money. A full transaction history can be viewed and monthly statements for each account can easily be downloaded.

Jassby Student Debit Card for Travel

The next step for this tech-savvy company was finding similar solutions in the education and performance travel sector. In 2021, Jassby saw a real need in student travel for things like meals to be paid for on a card rather than with cash. The company also knew that all parties involved — kids, parents, teachers, schools and travel providers— needed to have it be easy for them as well. Jassby’s solution is designed to meet the needs of all those parties, while closely mirroring the existing cash process. Trips are put into a specific travel portal and cards are issued for each traveler.

Great for performance travel as most venues today are cashless.

Jassby Trip Card for Student Travel

The Jassby Trip Card was developed specifically for providers of organized student travel and is supported by a powerful toolset that enables incredible flexibility in managing spending and disbursing allotments. Want allotments to be loaded at the beginning of a trip, beginning of each day, or strategically before each meal? Jassby can do that. Have a last-minute allotment you need after a change to the schedule? Jassby can accommodate that too. Lost card? No problem. Jassby can simply lock it and assign a spare card to the traveler.

All of this is done while helping kids learn important financial literacy lessons. Also, there is no need for parents to register. Cards are shipped together to a single place meaning parents and their soon-to-be-traveling kids have one less very important thing to worry about.

With the Jassby Trip Card, travel cash is a thing of the past.

With the Jassby Trip Card, travel cash is a thing of the past.


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