The Liberty Science Center houses the most technologically advanced planetarium in North America, largest skyscraper exhibit in the world and exotic animals from across the globe. Since many students are beginning their school year at home, the “LSC in the House” program allows them to watch home scientists can conduct experiments, explore the world of LSC’s animals, find amazing movies to watch and get inspired about science and technology without ever leaving the living room.

Frequent Facebook livestreams present a variety of planetarium programming that’s modified for a rectangular screen, and shows can include planet tours, virtual meteor showers and astrology lessons. For biology class, meet one of the animals from the center’s “Eat or Be Eaten” exhibit, which includes turtles, tamarins and parrots. Keepers will demonstrate feeding techniques, natural camouflage and primate communication. Classes interested in the human body can also watch a suite of video programming presented by the Live From Surgery Team. Students can watch a heart transplant, witness a sheep brain dissection and even learn to extract DNA from a strawberry at home.

The Liberty Science Center also understands interactive activities are crucial for students working at home, and they offer several at-home experiments that utilize simple household items. “Hot and Cold: Molecules in Motion” demonstrates the relationship between temperature and molecular speed using hot water and food coloring, “Super Strong Shape” shows how dimensions affect physical strength, and “Encompassed by Forces” teaches students to create a compass using a paper clip, magnet and water.