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New Jersey Field Trip Guide

New Jersey Field Trip Guide

A hub of history, art and science awaits students on fields trips in New Jersey

Originally one of the 13 colonies that revolted against British Rule in the American Revolution, New Jersey exists as both a vital point of American history and home to some of the most well-known musicians, writers and creators of America. Settled between Philadelphia and New York, the state is centrally located with the opportunity to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from Jersey waters. The Garden State has a lot of woodland with many residents holding conservancy highly, making it a focal point for gardening education and environmental sciences.

A Few New Jersey Field Trip Ideas

  • Fort Lee Historical Park
  • The Pietro and Maria Botto House
  • Algonquin Arts Theatre
  • Buehler Challenger & Science Center
  • Liberty Science Center
Atlantic City Boardwalk
The historic Atlantic City Boardwalk is one of the most famous boardwalks in the world.

New Jersey History & Heritage Field Trip Ideas

Named for the Island of Jersey in the English Channel, New Jersey established itself as one of the 13 original colonies and became the third state to ratify the United States Constitution in 1787. See New Jersey’s key role in the Revolutionary War at Fort Lee Historical Park: a 33-acre cliff top park on the Palisades serving as a reconstructed Revolutionary War encampment. The park marks the site of the Fort Constitution, fortified in 1776 to oppose British ships in the Hudson. Students first view a short film about Fort Lee, and engage in hands-on activities reminiscent of the time including gathering and chopping firewood, casting musket balls and cooking an 18th-century meal. An in-depth experience for students to learn about the beginning of America helps make a field trip at Fort Lee Historical Park a must.

Located close to Fort Lee, learn about America’s labor movement at the American Labor Museum and Botto House National Landmark in New Jersey. The Pietro and Maria Botto House is where 15,000 workers gathered in the Paterson Silk Strike of 1913. The museum holds photographs of workplace conditions, wage scales and striker’s meetings during the labor movement. See the house’s original kitchen, parlor and root cellar and delve into the movement that made America what it is today.

Algonquin Arts Theatre performers
Take in a show at the Algonquin Arts Theatre in New Jersey.

Performing Arts Locations to Visit

New Jersey holds itself as a mecca of arts and music, making it a great place for performing arts field trips. Birthplace to Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Sinatra and Whitney and boasting artists from all over the world who flock to the state, New Jersey remains a foundational state in the performing arts. Experience the Algonquin Arts Theatre in New Jersey for their large range of high-quality performances including comedies, musicals, plays, children’s theater and concerts. A non-profit corporation founded in 1992 to provide a cultural hub to the community. The venue has a Broadway series that highlights popular New York Broadway hits, along with a Jazz and Orchestra series performed by the best New Jersey and New York musicians. Featuring tons of fine art education workshops to help kids become passionate about theater, this is a great performing arts venue for a field trip experience.

Pixel art at Liberty Science Center
A young learner enjoys the pixel art feature at Liberty Science Center.

Educational Field Trips through STEM

New Jersey offers a variety of fun and engaging field trips ideas for STEM students. Students can test out their skills on a voyage to mars or return to the moon at the Buehler Challenger & Science Center in New Jersey. When visiting the center students work as a team, each taking on the role of an astronaut, blending together hands-on learning and team building to complete their mission. STEM students practice independent problem solving, conduct their own experiments and much more during the simulated space mission. The field trip programs focus on subjects such as earth science, robotics, physics and chemistry from elementary to high school.

Enjoy an educational field trip and hands-on fun at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey where students can engage in a spectrum of different STEM-related activities and programs. The Center boasts a STEM education planning guide for field trips to their center with dozens of hands-on exhibitions. Students can learn what it takes to design and build the world’s tallest skyscrapers and operate an electromagnetic crane, or watch a live colony of bees go about their daily work from inches away. Each year the center hosts several featured exhibitions focused on science and technology, so each field trip will be a totally different experience.

Main photo: Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium