When it comes to paying for student travel it's not the piggy who's cracking

In terms of who’s funding a student’s trip, it’s not the piggy who’s cracking

When it comes to that annual rite-of-passage graduation trip to DC, foreign language immersion week in Spain or the every-other year band trip to Disney, more often than not, mom and dad are more likely than not to be cutting the check for youth trips.

Parents are listed as the funding source in 56% of all student travel according to a report revealed by the Student Marketing Youth Travel Consultancy group. The organization surveyed stakeholders in the student & youth travel industry to gather their opinions on and history of their student travel patterns, including who foots the bill when it comes to sending Johnnie to Florida or Sarah to Spain.

Fundraising came in a distant second, with 25% of respondents indicating they raised funds to pay for student travel. Other sources include the child’s own savings (8%), school funds (6%), grants (3%) and the proverbial “other” (2%).