As a young adventurer, one of the things you’re likely to neglect is your personal safety. That’s because young people still have that air of invincibility and that reckless bravado that allows them to stand tall in the world where others might cower. Now, this article isn’t about injecting fear into your travels – but it is about instructing you about how you can be bold and adventurous while, at the same time, having put in place all the necessary measures that’ll protect you from harm while you’re on the road.

Padlocks and Chains

No need to go overboard here, but you’re unlikely to be able to keep your valuables truly safe on the road without having places in which to lock them up. Having a padlock for hostel lockers or to keep your bag secure as it heads through provincial airports and bus terminals is a good place to start. Always travel with such security to avoid needless theft to your items, especially things like your camera or your phone that can be full of priceless memories.


Travel insurance is a must for all people heading out on an expedition. It doesn’t matter how long you plan to be away – any mishaps that happen on the road are made that bit easier if you’re insured against your losses. Meanwhile, it might be worth taking out a life insurance policy if you’re going to places and regions that are a little dangerous.

Responsible Consumption

On the road, you should keep well hydrated at all times. Not doing so can lead you to poor health and fits of dizziness or spells of fatigue that can place you in difficult and dangerous situations. The same here goes for food – keep yourself well fed with starchy foods, especially if you’re active on your travels. Finally, avoid drugs – including legal local ones – and drinking to excess. You don’t know who’s out there to take advantage of vulnerable travelers.

Buddy Up

A tip especially important for women but safety-enhancing for men, too, is to buddy up with a fellow traveler. Not only will this enhance your time away – it’ll mean that you’re seen as far less vulnerable for the duration of your travels. A solo traveler can seem an easy target to those with sinister intentions, but two travelers can be difficult to threaten or overpower.

Local Friends

Making friends in the countries that you travel though is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have while taking to the road in foreign countries. There is an added benefit to such friendships, though –  if you get into any trouble with the police, or trouble with locals, you’ll be able to contact your friends, who’ll be able to explain, in the local language, what your circumstances are. These friends are a key asset should anything happen to you on the road.

Local Tips

When you travel, there are two sources of information that you can always trust to warn you of danger. Locals, and travel guides. The former will be well aware of the risks that you might be under if you travel to certain areas, while the latter will highlight any prevalent travel scams in the country you’re visiting. Consult both to stay as safe as possible on the road.

There you have it – six key tips to ensuring you remain safe and happy on your travels in foreign lands.