Why should I take my students to see Blue Man Group Las Vegas?

Blue Man Group’s live show at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino has always been known for its electric colors, vibrant sounds and overall showmanship, but its latest performance evolution has taken the production to an entirely new level. The updated show introduces new instruments, music, video and lighting that all come together to create an elevated version of the euphoric experience the show has become famous for. The result is an inventive, thought-provoking and humorous performance that’s presented in a one-of-kind style.

Blue-Man-Group-Performs on its New Instrument the Kleinulum at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Blue-Man-Group-Performs on its New Instrument the Kleinulum at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. Photo Credit: Lindsey Best

This style inspires, energizes, motivates and entertains visitors of all ages, but is particularly a hit with students. After being led on a thrilling journey that explores themes of community, collaboration and creativity, your students will leave Blue Man Group’s theaters feeling connected and energized by their shared experience. These themes play a key role in group bonding and team-building activities. No matter what your group’s size or purpose may be, Blue Man Group can accommodate your needs and can provide show customizations for your group.


  • Discounts for groups of 10+ guests
  • Complimentary tickets for groups of 50+ guests
  • Concession packages
  • Competitive student pricing
  • Groups will receive a 20% discount on purchases in Blue Man Group’s retail store


  • Priority seating
  • Concierge-like service when booking show tickets
  • Customized dinner and show packages
  • Complimentary transportation packages for groups of 100+ guests
  • Catered in-theater reception
  • Private post show meet-and-greet

Take your Blue Man Group experience to the next level

If you’re looking to make your group feel extra special, ask for a Catered In-Theater Reception. The Las Vegas sales managers for Blue Man Group will assist with arranging a reception for your group that allows them to have the unique experience of watching the performers complete their pre-show sound check. The Las Vegas Group Sales team will take care of all the details and will remain on site for the entire reception.

Blue Man Group Cast Bows After Electrifying Finale at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Blue Man Group Cast Bows After Electrifying Finale at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino Photo Credit: Lindsey Best

Another exclusive opportunity is booking a Private Post Show Meet-and-Greet where your students get to meet the performers one-on-one. This experience is only available to groups of 10 or more students and enhances the overall group experience. If any of your students are interested in a personal photo with one of the performers, Blue Man Group can arrange that for them.

If your students have been to a Blue Man Group performance before, show them the production in an entirely different light by taking advantage of the VIP Experience. Get up close and personal with Blue Man Group as you enjoy premium seats to the show, then meet the cast after the performance and take home a luminescent item.


Photo Credit: Lindsey Best

Need help with transportation? If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of driving all your students to the show, let Blue Man Group’s Transportation Package come to the rescue. Available to groups of 100 students or more, the package includes great seats to the show and a bus trip to and from the venue.

Want to include a meal? Blue Man Group’s Dinner & Show Package, ranging from $99 to $149, features prime seats plus limitless food and drink specials at some of Monte Carlo’s top restaurants.

Once you decide on attending a Blue Man Group Las Vegas performance, you can rest easy knowing that the show will be the highlight of your student group’s itinerary, and that the Blue Man Group team will be there to help you every step of the way. Check out the Instant Info box below to visit Blue Man Group’s website, request more information from a group sales rep or connect with Blue Man Group on social media.

The creative collective at Blue Man Group will move their popular production to Luxor this fall, transforming the latest evolution of the live show into a custom entertainment experience built for maximum impact. Groups can book at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino through October 11, 2015, and at Luxor beginning November 18, 2015.