music trips

Bands and other music groups make up to 30% of all student-related group travel

A report released by the Student Marketing Youth Travel Consultancy indicates that curriculum-based student travel focusing on music trips accounts for nearly 3 in 10 student trips.

30% of trips earmarked as curriculum-based were music-focus. The sector ranked third in its category, behind language (47%) and history (32%), above Arts & Culture (20%) and Science (15%).

The findings are part of a long-term study being conducted by the firm on behalf of the Student & Youth Travel Association, the trade group that promotes student and youth group travel. Results were released at the organization’s annual convention in Branson, Missouri.

The research firm has polled over 2,000 individuals and compiled data for the comprehensive study, which will be released in its entirety during the 3rd quarter of 2015.