As life gets back to normal, students will once again flock to the Big Apple.

New York is one of the world’s leading cities for fashion art and theater and is on almost every tourist’s bucket list. However, you could have the opportunity to live in the city by becoming a student at one of the state’s colleges.

Every year, thousands of young people flock to the Big Apple to receive a first-class education and make the most of what this exciting city has to offer. As you may expect, there is a great deal to take in, so spending a few years here as a student will give you a brief insight into what it’s like to become a New York resident.

Here are a couple of the main benefits of studying in New York City.

NYC Culture

Young people from around the world choose to study in New York City due to its impressive cultural associations. You’ll have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and perhaps even meet people with the same roots as you, so you’ll feel a little closer to home. With a glimpse into different cultures, you’ll have the chance to try unique foods and participate in events that you may otherwise have never experienced – especially if you currently live in a small, remote town.

There are also plenty of cultural attractions in the city to cater to all interests, from museums and festivals to world-famous theaters located on Broadway. The great thing about New York is that you just don’t know what you’ll stumble across while exploring, which makes for a thrilling lifestyle.

Quality of New York City Colleges

Many teenagers flood to New York for the excellent colleges dotted around the city and the courses that are taught by some of the globe’s finest scholars. Some of the best colleges in New York include:

  • New York University
  • Columbia University
  • Barnard College
  • Fordham

It can be difficult to know which institution to choose without physically visiting. However, CampusReel is an online platform which offers a first-hand insight into campus life with videos filmed by current students and honest reviews.

Volunteer Opportunities

Deciding to study in New York will present a whole host of opportunities to take advantage of. Whether you’re looking for a volunteering role in the entertainment industry, such as theater or museum, or you are looking to secure an internship at a respected brand, New York is certainly the place to make your dreams happen. There are always opportunities popping up for students; it’s just about looking in the right spots to find them.

Getting used to public transport

Living in New York will provide you with a whole host of challenges, but one of the main ones is getting around without a car. You may be used to getting from A-B by with your own car and never having to use public transport, but in New York, you’ll be heavily reliant on buses, the Metro, and bicycles. Working out how to get around via various transport methods is a useful, practical skill to aid your professional development.