The wonder of the world-famous National Aquarium, Baltimore, on the magnificent Inner Harbor awaits your group. The National Aquarium first opened its Baltimore doors in August 1981. Since then, it has opened two new pavilion exhibits in Baltimore, welcomed the nation’s first public aquarium into its aquatic family with the Washington, DC venue and embarked on a new organizational direction that expands its environmental research and global ecological stewardship. Our mission is to inspire conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures. Plan your groups trip by visiting and calling 410-576-3833.


Jellies Invasion: Jellies live in every ocean, thrive in coastal and open waters, and even live in fresh water. We rarely notice these translucent animals, but they have always been there. Because of recent changes to jellies populations including massive swarms, voracious eating habits, and habitat invasions, jellies are changing the balance of the Earth’s aquatic ecosystems. This stunning exhibit features nine different species of these prehistoric survivors.
Jelly Invasion

Jelly Invasion

Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery

Dolphins Discovery: Guest’s admission includes unlimited access to Dolphin Discovery. All guests will see the dolphins any time, for as long as they like, and enjoy interactions with the dolphin team, including dolphin training, feeding times, enrichment, and play activities.

Animal Planet Australia: This exhibit depicts a typical northern Australia river gorge. This slice of Australia in Baltimore offers visitors a truly immersive experience: as you walk through the bottom of the gorge, get close to 1,800 individual native animals representing 120 species, including freshwater crocodiles, turtles, fishes, snakes, lizards, free-flying birds, and flying foxes. Many of these unique and unusual animals are found only in Australia.
Upland Tropical Rainforest: Tropical birds fly, poison dart frogs hop, sloths hang, and golden lion tamarin monkeys scamper among thousands of rain forest plants. This world-renowned rain forest exhibit features a diverse collection of plants and animals from rapidly disappearing habitats.

Atlantic Coral Reef: Hundreds of colorful tropical fish swim and school on an authentic fabricated reef in this 335,000-gallon, 13-foot-deep exhibit. More than 500 exotic fish surround visitors as they descend through the exhibit. Divers feed the reef’s fish several times each day.

Maryland Mountains to Sea: Four exhibits depict Maryland habitats in a water cycle that moves from an Allegheny stream through a tidal marsh and coastal beach and out to the continental shelf. Bullfrogs, diamondback terrapins, and striped bass are just some of the animals that show the diversity of Maryland’s aquatic life.

North Atlantic to Pacific: Journey from the Atlantic sea cliffs, home to playful puffins and the only black guillemots on display in the country, to an undersea kelp forest, to a brilliant Pacific reef.

Surviving: In this multi-exhibit gallery, diverse animals demonstrate how adaptations help them survive. A giant Pacific octopus changes color, groupers lurk, and electric eels generate electricity.

Hyacinth Macaw

Amazon River Forest: This exhibit portrays an Amazon tributary at the beginning stage of its seasonal flooding into the surrounding forest. One-third of the world’s animal species call the Amazon Basin home, including the emerald tree boa, hungry piranha, and dwarf caiman. Two small displays portray identical slices of the river forest: one in the rainy season, and the other in the dry season.

4D Immersion Theater: The Aquarium’s 4D Immersion Films bring you closer to the sights, sounds, and smells of the action. (additional cost for tickets)

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Special Programs for groups 15 or more: Create a one-of-a-kind adventure with a customized visit. Group options include behind-the-scenes tours, scavenger hunts, shark presentations, and more! Let our expert guides help you experience life at the Aquarium from the other side of the glass. Call 410-576-1067 for more information, and to begin planning your ideal Aquarium experience. Available on weekdays September through May.